1000 Pound Bend + Rooftop Bar

The best part of having visitors is the fact that you go out and do so much more stuff – every day of the week. The other day I met up with Nina for some lunch at 1000 £ Bend. She had a halloumi burger and me, I had their mushroom burger. All very delicious.

After work we met up again and headed to Curtin House Rooftop Bar for some drinks. We sat there and sipped sangria in the sunset with the fabulous inner city views. After a while Peter and Angela joined us and we headed to Fitzroy for some more rooftop hangout at Naked for Satan, but I was way too preoccupied by the wine and the loads of food we ordered to snap any pictures. Now I got hungry again. Uh oh.

140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-3 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-Collage-1 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-7 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-11 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-8 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-6 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-Collage-2 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-10

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