12 hours of socialising

We visited Sweden in April for a family event. We were only in the country for a week, and in my hometown for 23 hours. I wanted to meet up with a bunch of people while I was there, so I came up with the idea of simply letting everyone know where I was for lunch and dinner and let them show up. It worked wonderfully, and I think I met around 40 friends and family in those few hours. Intense? Absolutely, but it beats going all around the city (or the country) to see as many.

Anyway. We figred we’d try to do something similar. So on January 2nd, we invited a bunch of friends to join us either for brunch or dinner.


We had the brunch at my brother’s apartment. He and the family were traveling, so we got it all to ourselves. Emilie was one of the first to arrive.


Stefan was also there.


And Marre! I haven’t seen her for quite some time, so this was fun!


Though, the clear guest of honour was Asta. The first time I got to meet this little miracle. Cute as a button!


After a few hours of brunch, most of the people left. Quite tired, we settled back in the sofa.


My brother stayed with us. As did Nina, but somehow I didn’t snap a photo of her? Oh well, she’s coming to visit us here in Melbourne in a few weeks, I’ll make it up then!


After hanging on the sofa sipping champagne leftover from NYE we headed to dinner. We had some good ethiopian food with another bunch of people but ohoy – I didn’t take a single picture of it. I’m sure I filmed though… I seriously need to do something about my video backlog.


Anyway. After dinner a few of us headed out for drinks. Emma was there.


We went to this cute little bar with stuff absolutely everywhere.


After about 12 hours of non-stop socialising, we headed back to my brothers apartment to crash. The next day was equally intense, although this time not from socialising but from shopping + working. Although oh! We did have a dinner with friends in the evening. When we left Sweden the day after that I was so incredibly tired. But you know what? Totally worth it.

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