Tulips, tulips and then some more tulips

Ok, I am going to try to limit the tulip photos I’m about to pour over you. If you die from tulip overdose, please don’t hold me responsible. With that said, here’s a whole bunch of tulip imagery. No specific order, and no comments as I can simply not muster the energy to actually write them all up.

Guess my favourite. Which is yours?

130923-Tulips-8 130923-Tulips-10 130923-Tulips-11 130923-Tulips-12 130923-Tulips-15 130923-Tulips-19 130923-Tulips-20 130923-Tulips-21 130923-Tulips-23 130923-Tulips-24 130923-Tulips-29 130923-Tulips-33 130923-Tulips-35 130923-Tulips-38 130923-Tulips-40

Sundays might be the best days

I know there’s been too much flower pictures recently. What can I say – I have a spring bug apparently. If you’re not liking it, here’s a fair warning: stay away tomorrow. Because today me and a couple of friends made our way to Dandenongs for a visit to the Tulip Festival. I came back with a few tulips and loads and loads of pictures of, you guessed it, tulips.


But that’s for tomorrow. Now, we’re having dinner with friends. Enjoy your Sunday evening however you’re spending it. xo

I got your note about the sun I’ll try to get out more often

It’s been a while (ok, not that long) since I showed you the progress in our veggie patch. Because boy – things are growing. Maybe not incredibly fast, but it is. And every time something sprouts the very first time, I feel a bit like God.

The thing that’s growing more than anything is the snow peas. Seriously, they’re like a weed and just shooting in length every single day. I have a theory that they are related to bamboo. Not that I’m complaining!

130921-SpringBuds-9 130921-SpringBuds-8 Then we have the teeny tiny potato sprouts that made their way above ground in the last few days. It took what felt like forever, but then they were there and plentiful!
These ones reared their pretty leafs the other day as well. Two small plants are growing and just today I saw a third zucchini leaf that was trying to push through the top soil as well. Just like the tomato plants these were kind of slow. I had almost given up hope completely!

These are the little plants that have been with us the longest. Well, we planted them the same time as everything else, but this Rocket was the first to show up. The plants in the next picture, which is Lorelei’s lettuce, followed close behind. 130921-SpringBuds-4 130921-SpringBuds-3

Spring onions! Of course. They look kinda like our carrots, but I didn’t take any pictures of the carrots. Why? I don’t know.


This is my favourite right now – potatoes! That has probably more to do with the fact that this little leaf (along with two or three more) peeped up today. Eek! Already! 130921-SpringBuds-7

My only worry right now is that something seems to have been chewing off leafs of my beetroots. On a good note, that certain someone (something?) has ignored everything else, but come on – beetroots are my favourite! Don’t eat ’em. Chew some lettuce instead, we have loads of that. But I get it, it’s not as tasty. Now I just have to come up with some way to protect it without it looking completely silly.

All in all – I’m so so so happy that I actually went and got myself a veggie patch. If you know me you’d never think I’d like it, but turns out I really do. Whenever I’m stressed I just go out in the backyard, breath some fresh air, check the plants and see if they need something. Bliss.

Oh, if I only could fly away

Over the last few days I have been working on a craft. Remember the paper things you saw a couple of days ago? Well this is it. It’s been ages since I did something proper the last time, so safe to say I am quite excited about it. I can’t share it with you all yet, as it was created for a client and will be posted on their blog once their new site launches. Until that day comes, I will share a few sneak peeks of what I have been doing.


ED_BalloonMobile-27 ED_BalloonMobile-21

Then and Now

I don’t really know where I came across this link (damn my bad memory!) but I kept the tab open because it struck a chord with me.

Marc Hermann has blended old news photos with pictures from news back in the day. Like this one:

923 44th St – July 1, 1928. Original photographer unknown. Frankie Yale, a gangster known as the “Al Capone of Brooklyn,” lost out to rivals as he drove a Lincoln coupe through the streets of Boro Park. He lost control of his car and smashed into the front stoop of a house on 44th Street. The block is quiet today, but the building still stands – as does the tree at right, the only living witness to the mayhem of a past era.

See all the pictures at The Daily News – Then & Now. Compiled by Marc A. Hermann

One year later

One year.


That’s how long we’ve been here. Today it’s a year since we landed in Australia. It’s one year, one month and 16 days since we left Ghana. I can’t really describe it but it feels like yesterday and a decade ago – all at the same time.

Everyone says time flies, and sure, it really does. Days pass by faster than I’d like them to quite often, but somehow the years still seem to, well, be a proper year. Time wise that is.

During the last year I have managed to; move to a new continent, find a house, move in and get settled, travel to Tasmania, Queensland, Sydney and around Victoria, as well as to Japan and a stint in Sweden, made a bunch of new amazing friends, gotten drunk and gone dancing, re-discovered my love of chai lattes, stayed up late and played charades (more than once!), found favourite spots, started jogging again, learned to cook, started growing things (!!) in our veggie patch and read probably around 30 books. All in all, this year probably counts as one of the best ones so far. But hey – I’m sure the next year will be even better!


Our plane that took us from Stockholm that September day a year ago. 

Back with a b(all)oom!

I know I’ve been eerily quiet the last few days but I’ve been busy, ok? It’s like I have forgotten what it feels like but been thrown in the deep end of the pool. Don’t take it wrong though – I’m loving every second of it. Somehow it feels like being me again. And for some reason it seems like I can only be somewhat structured when I have a lot on my plate. Not enough things to do and I start slacking straight away like a crazy person. Add almost more than I can handle and my head starts bubbling with ideas, my mood improves and I feel excited.

With that said, here’s a picture of what I’ve been up to today. What have you been doing?


An evening in Bendigo

Random road trips might be one of my most favourite activities. I especially like going to places I never been before and know nothing about. When I was in uni I was always talking about going to this place called Pålsboda. I got kind of obsessed with it but never went. Then a few years ago a couple of friends brought me along on a surprise road trip there. Pålsboda itself was incredibly bland, but the trip itself was a bundle of laughs.

Anyway, I’m digressing. Our road trip last weekend we didn’t head to an odd place in Sweden, we went to Bendigo.


Before reaching Bendigo you have to go through Kangaroo Flat. This place has more than a great name – we found a hot jam donut bus. Of course – we had to stop and sample because I’ve actually never tasted it before.




Say hi to our donut company.



You guessed it, it was soo good.



We stowed ourselves back in the car again and drove the last bit to Bendigo. Hi there big house!



Nina was sitting in the backseat being all photogenic. And I managed to get what she called Rembrandt light. Safe to say, I felt very professional.



We had forgotten to pick cash, so we stopped at a bank and hung out there (?! I know, weird) at the ATM for a while.



Before stopping by Wine Bank for a coffee and a Sauvignon Blanc.




Then off to the main attraction – Bendigo Art Gallery!




And in we went!



This was what was opening and what we came to see.



For some weird kind of reason they had placed all the food stuff, wine and what not in a hallway far far away from the exhibition. And pretty much the only other room people where in was the Experimenta one. We took the opportunity to roam the halls and and look at the art. It felt odd doing it in so empty rooms. 130909-Bendigo-14


The TV furthest away on the left wall was Nina’s video. It felt both magical and impressive seeing a friends work in such an impressive place. 130909-Bendigo-15


When the place closed we had to go check out the 10-15 trees that were in full bloom just outside the art gallery. It was magical. 130909-Bendigo-16





Before heading back home we needed some grub. Peter found a thai place a few blocks away and we headed over. It was super cute and the food yummy. We were so hungry we practically inhaled it.





Then we went back to the car and drove back to Melbourne while talking, listening to music and watching the starry skies. Such a great way to spend a Saturday evening.

Bring on the politics!

The last few days my head has been spinning with political and economic thoughts. I haven’t been very outspoken about my political beliefs since my teens, mainly because I never thought I had enough facts or time to actually read up on stuff. Well, to be honest, I still won’t read up on stuff as much as I’d wish, but I think it’s time to take the pledge to stop being quiet and start taking an active part of discussions.

So far I have only spent time circling in on my main concerns. So far the number one spot is the current economic system. I am by no means a communist, I just think that capitalism desperately needs to change as our society needs to incorporate more than just the urge to grow. Because a system that requires continuos growth requires a world with infinite resources. And as much as I’d like it to be that, we live in a world of finite resources.

With this said, I’ll leave it for another day. I need to ponder and clarify my thoughts before I put something forward. I’d like to have some time to think through my beliefs because right now it feels like there’s a fire alarm going off in my head and I can barely make up what’s up and what’s down.

And no, this is not going to turn into a loudmouth political blog. But every now and then whenever I come across something that I find outrageous, annoying or amazingly inspiring, I’ll share it with you. That’s all.


Non related image from a car trip in northern Ethiopia. Somewhere between Lalibela and Addis Abeba.