A glass of breakfast

I’m a creature of habit. When I’ve found a restaurant I like, I always want to go back, sit in the exact same spot and order the exactly same thing. It might sound boring, but for me it isn’t. But there is a limit to my habit mania. Breakfast. For quite some time now my standard breakfast is two eggs and five strawberries (fun side note; on a plate that allows you to set up a perfect smiley face). It’s fast, good enough and keeps me full until lunch.

But after two months of nothing but this, I’m bored. And since I started going to an office in the morning, I wanted something super fast, super simple, and of course, absolutely delicious.

With all that said, say hi to my new standard breakfast. It isn’t all that exciting, but it’s simple and fan-frigging-tastic.

131028-YoghurtPioner-2 131028-YoghurtPioner-1

Natural greek yoghurt, Carman’s Clusters (Cranberry and Apple), and some fresh fruit. Preferably eaten in a glass so you can enjoy the pretty layers.

In the mood for a Swedish pizza?

In Templestowe outside of Melbourne there’s this place that does Swedish pizza. Yes, you read it right, I’m not making this up. I never really compared Swedish pizza to, well, other pizza, but having it the other day actually made me see the difference. It’s only slight, I’ll give you that, and I would sum it up in three things; thin crust, bigger than your normal pizza here and canned contents.

The latter might not sound all that exciting, but somehow I kind of prefer it that way. I might be biased though, this is the kind of pizza I’ve eaten since childhood.

Also! Swedish pizza salad. It’s pretty much cabbage in vinegar, but absolutely delicious. And makes you feel kinda healthy. Well, not really, but at least a wee bit.



131027-SwedishPizza-6 131027-SwedishPizza-8

 Check out their website for more info, should you want your own Swedish pizza. Yum!

2 years, 10 months, 2 weeks and 3 days


We’re closing in on our three year anniversary mark. Not our wedding day anniversary, that one has come and gone and we barely noticed it (although still very happily married thank you very much, just don’t need to commemorate it on certain dates), but the day we left Sweden.

I still remember the feeling of that last summer and fall before the move. First the anticipation and the excitement, the champagne and the pieces of cake when we got the jobs in Ghana. The absolutely liberating feeling of going into my manager’s office and quitting a job that looked so good on my CV but made me feel like shit. Those 5 minutes are still ranked as one of the top 10 moments in my life. Then later I remember the stress of getting all our things in order; finding a new home for our cats (with my brother), packing up our apartment, squeezing out as much time with all our friends as we possibly could.

We really didn’t know where we’d end up or how long we’d be away. All we knew is that we wanted, no, we needed, desperately needed, a change.

Most of the people I encounter here ask if I miss Sweden, and pretty much all of them look surprised when I say ‘no’. Sure, I can miss certain made-up fantasy-memories, such as walking down a gravel path, listening to the birds in the sheer sunshine at 4am on a june morning, or meeting my friends over a glass of wine somewhere on Söder in Stockholm. But I don’t miss Sweden as such, not a single bit.

A lot has changed in these three years. I have grown, both as a person and in my profession. I have had the opportunity to throw myself into new (and scary) situations and managed to come out in one piece on the other end. And of course, it hasn’t all been great, we’ve had rough patches just as we would have had anywhere. Such as the last 3 months in Ghana. For me, they were unbearable. I wouldn’t have lasted if we had stayed longer.

But now. For the first time in my life feel like there is a steady beat in my life. Sure, life’s a journey and all that crap, but there is a calm that was never there before. I have learnt to appreciate not just the goal, but the way there. You don’t have much of an option when you have to wait for a bus for 6 hours that then breaks down one third of the way. Or not ever knowing if you’ll have power, or water for that matter. You learn to cope and you learn not to care. I just wish I can hold on to that feeling. That all is good.

You know what? I think I’ve finally found a place to call home.


Edited on Oct 30th, fixed a spelling error + some grammatical issues

And I’ll never get to see that big blue house ever again

My grandmother died yesterday. I got the news in a short email from my mum, saying that my dad was there with a couple of his siblings when she passed. She was the last of my grandparents to pass away. Don’t take me wrong – I’m not sad. In fact, I’m quite indifferent.

I know it sounds weird, but there’s a perfectly natural explanation to it. There’s never been much contact between my parents and dad’s part of the family. Somehow we never fit the mould they expected; we weren’t pretty or normal looking enough. Like my grandmother. She had pictures of all her grandkids in her house except me. On my last visit there three years ago I did see a drawing I did as a kid, but still no picture. I have no idea why.

I don’t know why I’m writing this post. It’s not like I have anything to say, to be honest. I think I just needed to push it out of my system.

With that said: Bye grandma. I’m not sure you ever really loved me, but that doesn’t matter now, nor ever. What does matter to me is that you in part produced the person that came to be my dad. And he is one of the most amazing people I have ever encountered. If nothing else, I’ll always be thankful for you for that.


A trip to St. Andrews Market

Yesterday morning at 9am sharp a few friends came by and picked us up. I was almost ready and Peter was running around without a shirt. But what do you expect on a Saturday morning? We might or might not have had an impromptu dinner with about 7 people over on the Friday night. Amazingly fun, but it didn’t really help with keeping us fresh on a Saturday morning.

Anyway. After about an hour in the car we arrived. It was all grey skies and kinda cold, but we got some coffee to warm up (me, a chai latte that was probably the most awful thing I’ve ever tasted) and wandered up and down the market, eyeing all the wares.


Well dressed for such an occasion!



Trent found this amazing little fireman.


A few stalls had china and porcelain. I was eyeing the little coffee cups a bit, but felt it was more important to get something else, namely:


Plants! We left the market with an olive tree, a raspberry bush and small chili, capsicum, cucumber (three c’s!) and one herb that I simply can’t remember now. I think there is a high risk that I’ll cover our backyard in plants soon.


We met the cutest, happiest dog ever. He (she?) didn’t want to stand still though and was jumping around like crazy so I couldn’t get a shot in. Well, I got this one. And it’s kinda representative in a way.


The market was quite varied. From tarots, dream catchers, plants, organic produce, eggs, honey and other edibles to handmade jewelry. It was kind of an eclectic mix and I loved it all.

It’s been more than a month since I ventured outside of Melbourne, so seeing the countryside and some proper greenery and breathing some fresh air was kind of liberating. Note to self: need to do this more often.


All good things come in threes

I promise, this is the last post from the photo day on Saturday. I know I’m crap at selecting only a few pictures, but hey, no one is forcing you to look at this. And third’s the charm, right? And this is the third post. After this, it is finito!


You didn’t expect a cowboy to come galloping by? Well, neither did we. But he did, several times.

1310_Top5Views-7 1310_Top5Views-10 1310_Top5Views-11 1310_Top5Views-17 1310_Top5Views-21 1310_Top5Views-26 1310_Top5Views-27 1310_Top5Views-28 The last image from Saturday, and possibly the one I will treasure FOREVER is this one. This is the best piece of mediocre art I think I can ever achieve. Stills of glass pieces. How poetic, right? Or rather, how utterly mediocre.


For the love of furry animals

I love everything furry. If I wasn’t allergic + unclear if I can live in one country for more than 3 years, I’d totally get a dog already. Probably two. And a cat. So when Lani said that she might bring along her hungry Jack Russell Daisy, I kind of bounced up and down with joy. I might have also (very nicely, I’m sure) been slightly threatening should she not bring the dog. I mean, who wouldn’t want every opportunity to hang out with this little cookie monster?




On our beach walk there were plenty of dogs. My motto that day was to create ‘mediocre art’. And I figured the best way to do that was to take pictures of all the dogs that passed. Don’t ask me why. They’re cute, that’s all.






Pigeons are cute too? Maybe not as regal as seagulls, but still, they’ve got some quaint qualities to them.

An afternoon of sunshine, laughter and loads and loads of cameras.

It’s been a busy few weeks. Moving to an office has been quite amazing, especially since I had more than usual to do last week. Focusing was a breeze and leaving the office on Friday I was on such a high.

It didn’t hurt either that summer weather has been hitting Melbourne the last few days. Yesterday I met up with a bunch of friends + friends of friends in St Kilda for what was going to be a photo day. Truth be told, we were all a bit lazy and there wasn’t a lot of pictures being taken initially, we were too focused on eating food, tasting ice cream and enjoying the sunshine. In the end I managed to have a few pictures in my camera when we got back. I’ll share some today, and some over the next few days. I don’t want to overwhelm you all in one go, do I?


Angela lounging a bit, hiding from the sunshine. You should see my sunburn today.. Or rather, you probably don’t want to see it.


Gin, you say? Well we never opened the fancy cucumber and lavender (?) infused gin. But the bottle was way pretty.


Yeah, it’s mandatory to end up with at least one picture like this.


Or like this. Mandatory!

1310_Top5Views-16 1310_Top5Views-9

Daisy joined us as well. I have a dog crush on Daisy. She only has a crush on me whenever I have food in my hand, but hey – I’m not afraid of bribing her.


Trying portrait snaps with Angelas own technique: 1. hold the camera and be ready. 2 yell the persons name so they have to turn around. 3 snap!

That’s all for today. Now I’m going back to my lazy Sunday arvo schedule.