Big Day In – Part 2 – The Party in pictures

Hey, back to the Big Day In! Next up is the imagery. I was too busy running around talking to people/film, so I didn’t shoot as much as I usually do. Good thing that I have friends who are as camera crazy as I am. So many, many, many thanks to Angela Jia Zheng for shooting most of these pictures.


This was the drink of choice that night. I learnt it being a bartender at a wedding party ages ago in Sweden, and it was a recreation of the couple’s favourite festival drink. It felt incredibly suitable to this party. A splash of vodka, fill it up with some lemonady soda, and then use an ice pop as ice cube, taste infuser and general drink stick. Brilliant!


I thought I’d have enough time to get my makeup in order, but nah. Who cares though, it’s a festival! At least my hair still had the bounce from my hairdressing appointment the day before.


Daisy also got a wristband, but since she wasn’t so keen on wearing it around her wrist, she got it around her neck instead. Cute!


Eric was of course there, and Juan were one of the first to arrive. Both got the first VIP passes. There were four of them and they were shared around the group during the day and evening. When you had a pass you had access to the VIP room, which was filled with pillows, fancier snacks and always sparkling wine on ice. Which turned out to be one of the best party ideas ever. Every party I’ll have from now on will feature a VIP section.


A tent was set up in the backyard. You could crawl in for some relaxation. There were music in headphones, some cushions, and it was generally just the perfect place to soak up some energy.


Paul and Lyndsey hanging out in the sun.


Hanging out in the VIP room.


Pouya trying to do casual posing with a champagne cork holder thingy on his nose. Ehm?


Sweet Emmy!


At 5pm (and later at 9pm) Peter and Eric performed a few songs. They played and we all had booklets with the lyrics and were singing along. Those moments were most probably the best times during the night. So sweet, so much fun.


Crazy dancing (?) during the sets.


It looks like they were slightly bored but I bet you they weren’t. I think it all might have been the most epic party I’ve ever thrown.


9pm singing!


Rob really got into the singing!


John trying to show off his dance moves. This picture really encompasses the night. Crazy dancing in our living room. Just as every party should be like! All in all there were about 25 people or so coming and going through the event, if not more. A while there the living room got quite packed.


Peter and Åsmund.


When we were just 7-8 people left, we moved out into the backyard to enjoy the warm light and wave around some glow sticks (if I bought it, I needed to use it, right?). We then moved back in and just talked and played guitar until 3am, when the last people left and I crashed in bed.

Such a long day, but what a day! Already started thinking about what theme to go for at the next party…

Big Day In – Part 1 – Preparations

Last weekend was an intense but oh so memorable one. On Friday there was this festival in Melbourne – Big Day Out. A bunch of us wanted to go, but it was on a regular work day plus kind of expensive so we decided to do our own thing – Big Day In.

We invited a bunch of people and asked them to pick bands from the festival, do their setlists and then have ‘shows’ throughout the evening. I went along and made entrance wristbands, staff badges and VIP badges, because yes, we did have a VIP room with limited access. Oh, and did I mention there was a relaxation tent in our backyard?

Best part of the night was at 5pm and 9pm. Peter and Eric had rehearsed the week before and played songs that we all were singing along to. Everyone was singing to their hearts content and it was all kinds of awesome.

I’ve always been a big fan of throwing theme parties, but this might have been the most ambitious one of them all. It wasn’t all that fun cleaning up the day after, but you know what? It was totally worth it. 12 hours of dancing, talking, laughing, doing silly stuff, with a bunch of people that were nothing less than awesome.

These pictures are snaps from the day of the party, but before it began. There’ll be another post with snaps from the party itself, followed by a video (just need to edit it!)


Daisy was part of the prep team. She was jamming a little bit.

140128_DaisyJamming-3 140128_NBHDNeanderthal-7

Then we got all hungry and headed to NBHD Neanderthal for some breakfast. Say hi to Eric + Peter.


Someone else was there too, and she got all excited about the food on our plates.




I love NBHD Neanderthal. It’s like our standard joint around here. So casual, just perfect for whenever really.



When we finished eating we left NBHD for a bit of shopping. We needed to get odd bits like cable stuff for speakers, extra plastic cups (cause you’re not allowed to drink out of anything else at parties!) and glow sticks (because, eh, yeah, someone said we needed them?).


On the way back we stopped at a fountain for a drink.


And then we were prepping the house. Daisy tried to help by trotting around the house, following us, being as adorable as always.

Soon thereafter the festivities began. But more about that tomorrow.

An International Potluck

This event actually happened before the last post. Oh well, I have such a huge backlog when it comes to images + videos right now, you’ll have to live with me publishing them all jumbled. This is what happens when you go away for a few weeks and don’t keep up with your regular editing.

Anyway. I’m here to share some pictures from a potluck that was held at our place a couple of weeks back, not complain about my non-existent self discipline.


The dinner was supposed to be held at a friend’s house. But this event was held on the last day of a 5 day heat stroke in Melbourne, with regular temperatures over 40 degrees, and their place didn’t have any AC. So, she asked if we could move it to our place instead, and of course we could!


There was so much food. This is only the savoury setting, there was at least as much sweet thing to taste.


Here’s the actual host. She actually did all the hosting and I pretended to be a guest in my own home. It felt utterly luxurious.

140127_InternationalPotLuck-15 140127_InternationalPotLuck-14 140127_InternationalPotLuck-13

Quite a crowd turned up, and we squeezed in our sofas and on the floor to fit us all.

140127_InternationalPotLuck-12 140127_InternationalPotLuck-11

After a while I showed a Christmas present I got. It was a poufy type garland that I received through a handmade secret santa program. I wasn’t sure what to use of it, but somehow it made the rounds on the head of people around the table.


The sweet table was laid out.


Iulian, the second host, was also there of course.


Peter showing off his poufy hair.


I wasn’t the only one snapping away. Here Åsmund with Angela’s camera.


As the theme of the potluck was ‘International’, we thought it suitable to bring out the snaps we had brought from Sweden just a week earlier.


Such a nice evening, but I was so incredibly full at the end. Delicious, but overwhelming!

A Barbecue followed by some Bollywood moves

Last Sunday we started off by lazing around. At 4pm, we headed out the door. It was time to meet up with some friends for some casual barbecuing and hanging out.


Lorelai was one of the organisers and as lovely as always!


Eric was there too.


We had made some salad and threw some veggie sausages on the barbie. So simple, but absolutely delicious!


And here’s Jacob, Lorelai’s fiancée. He was also organising. Of course. And happy, as you can see.


Åsmund was so hungry that he stuffed his face with hot dog.


The veggie barbie looked absolutely amazing.




140126_BBQandBollywood-10Eric’s was in a good mood.


And Åsmund sipped on some ginger beer.

140126_BBQandBollywood-12 140126_BBQandBollywood-13 140126_BBQandBollywood-14

Nina was there, of course. Hanging out on the grass, talking the afternoon away.

At around 6pm I said goodbye to everyone, hailed a taxi and headed to another park. I was tired, but had promised to meet up a few other friends to do some dancing.


More specifically – bollywood dancing! And yes, there is video coming, promise! It was incredibly intense but so, so much fun.


Shohre was there dancing too, in an amazing green dress.


As was Pouya.

Once the sun had set, the music ended, we slowly walked to Flinders to take the train home. Such a great way to end a week!


Coming back + veggies and a breakfast

I’m done with travel pictures now, believe it or not. I managed to shoot so little in Sri Lanka (I blame all the lounging at the pool). If I remember correctly there is a fair amount of video to still go through, but right now I have way too much work to do to even contemplate getting started on that. It will simply have to wait, even though it pains me a little bit.

It’s been a week and a half already since we got back. It feels like more than that. You know that feeling that you get after a while of coming back – it’s like you’ve never even been away? Well I’m having that one right now. Sri Lanka feels like a lifetime ago, and Sweden? Pfft. Don’t get me started. And it’s only been a couple of weeks. It’s crazy, really.


I’ll leave you with a few random snaps from the last week in Melbourne. It started with a bunch of fresh veggies, which was really, really good after three weeks of eating whatever. You know how it’s like. I call it vacation diet. We’re now on a very light detox.


We also pulled up some potatoes from the backyard. After 5 days of +40 degree heat, not all of our greenery were feeling so happy, but our potatoes seemed to be doing just fine. Although that shouldn’t be a surprise, they live under ground after all.


Last but not least a half-assed picture of my weekend breakfast. I can’t remember if it was Saturday or Sunday, but it was such a perfect sleeping-in, staying in bed and reading books kind of a morning. I love those kinds of mornings. I doubt that I will have the possibility to do that this weekend, but I’ll give my damndest to try!



Galle, some fishermen, a fort and a few days of tranquility

After the snake farm, we headed back into the car again and headed off to Galle.


We stopped along the way to watch a bunch of fisherman dragging up a rope. It looked darn heavy.



There were plenty of nets laying around.


I pitied the guy furthest out, which you can see far left in the image. The waves don’t look to bad in the picture, but they were way big, and he had to wade through them. It looked like such a challenge!


All so very picturesque.


Another short car ride and we were at Galle Fort. First stop: some food. This was the view from the place. Pretty, eh?


I found Savannah Dry on the menu and got a little bit excited! This was my standard drink in Ghana, so I got a wee bit nostalgic.



Leaving lunch we passed this beauty, and I just had to snap a picture. If I ever get a car, it’ll be a mini.


Next stop: walking along the outer edges of the fort. It was light and absolutely beautiful.


Peter wasn’t feeling too well, and felt a bit tired, so we wandered slowly.

1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-11 1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-12

We saw a Japanese tourist that sat and looked out over the rooftops of the houses in the fort, and I couldn’t help myself.


The fort was not at all what I expected. Having seen a couple of forts in Ghana I expected more of a smaller establishment, not a whole village encased by walls.


Peter sillying around.

1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-15 1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-16 1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-17 1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-18

We went around Galle Fort and saw a bunch of small alleyways, and they were all super cute.


I walked around the lighthouse as well.


Peeked over at the other side of the lighthouse at a beach where kids where happily playing.


Stood a moment and took in the crisp ocean breeze and watched the horizon.

Ü(µos˜ƒ›SoWÑv@x֛øŠcj°Fªë¹ñöéUV%”tl(¥²d áJãÕXGå©#]óbÿ�Ëöÿ�ðÙtùµÇ’e£†aóS 13Æ#^TøÄJÓ":2È?¹Ž¢ÄT{Ó�AV‡Ïߖ@·æ´+AéKÌÒ¿ [}ÈÉǓ"õ¯"CéùvÉTòã|T T¹'sü½22Ršë¥¾¦(hyþƒb’@„SÈTP~„¼»óD‘çK «Gÿ�'N[‚íJ£NºzR®ªPSÔt7ÞøƟñ’vñØwÊÙ¯L.FáþµT%GēȑΧñÈ˒Joªÿ�¼€¶çþ9Å(SûÁO»yG旫þ6°âCjœ‡C@ìM>Œ²*:÷ÕÛD‹Ò–SæÌŶ¡è*@û²jôm¾Œ>ѧüDd$€žöýyK…}	Õ9• €ƒߎOÿÒ¥)'÷xzÝyoËù²©|ñòf߼ۗ«ôðÿ�r¿ô­Ÿ6?¯z^¢ú¼«È}êS§ìz[W*Gý“1ÝK¸ý[5úÏCö9ü¿ã&cͪIWå%Ä·÷¿ÜŠú´åýûætyÇÉëóú¬”úßÙ5áÇþ¹6iAõý9ýoÒŸï8ýwÑãOoG÷œÖø¸äRÀ5ßOôgîùðõìsôëÀýŸSãÅ£Ë¾§è»~?Yû)^|9uÍÛþ5Å(ûŸÒZo«ýkìmú;ê^§_ 1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-23

Seriously, so want to live here.


On our way to the hotel, we passed this hindu temple. Incredibly beautiful with all its colours.


And then we were at the hotel. I have no decent shots of the hotel at all, which is slightly odd. Only a few pictures, which feels odd as we stayed here four nights. Peter was still not feeling well, so we decided to just spend those four days at the hotel. Lounging at the pool, reading, going to the spa for some massage, staying in bed extra long and watching tv-series – we did it all. It was all incredibly slow but just what we needed.


Peter at the breakfast buffet, which was fairly incredible.


Lunch one day. One of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had. We went back the next day for seconds.


Our view most days. We hung around in beach loungers, looking at the ocean through the palm trees, reading, and taking the occasional dip in the pool. Oh, the bliss.

Eighties sunsets in Mirissa, killer whales and some snakes

The morning after the late night in Colombo, we were off. Sure, a bit late and very, very tired, but anyway.


We had barely left the house in Colombo until we saw this little fellow. I’m not kidding, he was lounging 10 meters from the house entrance.


After a couple of hours of sleeping in the car we woke up to this view. Not too shabby, eh?


Super pretty fishing boats. Just wanted to stand there and watch ’em forever.



But we were going further. We finally arrived in Mirissa, which was where we were staying that night. We headed up to the room to relax for a bit (yeah, still tired) and when we finally got up and out, the sun was setting. It was a perfect 80’s sunset.


We took our thongs off and walked in the water.


Look! More fishing boats!

1401_SriLanka-Part3-Mirissa-5 1401_SriLanka-Part3-Mirissa-6

Yep, plenty 80’s sunset.


Then we got all hungry and found a cute enough place on the beach and sat down.


Peter was going through the menu in detail.


We ordered some beer and looked at the ocean.


We weren’t the only ones at that place, it was plenty full. We got our food, chewed it all up, downed the beer and headed back to the room for an early, quiet evening watching some tv series. Ah, we so needed that.


The next morning we were up before the sun rose. At 5.45am we got picked up by a tuktuk and at 6.30am we were seated on a boat. Not this one though. A bigger one.


We were heading out to sea to see if we could spot some whales!


Unfortunately we didn’t see any blue whales, but we saw a couple of beautiful orcas just 10 meters away from the boat. Magnificent!


Peter was more excited than he looks.


We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging on the beach, enjoying some beer and the most awful lunch I’ve ever eaten. When the sun started setting, we went back to the room, freshened up to go out again.


This was our last night in Mirissa, so we wanted to go all fancy. Which we did. Walked the beach, had a pre-dinner beer at one place and then headed to the hotel next to ours for dinner. Lucky us – that was one of the highlights of this trip. We sat there underneath a bunch of lamps, slowly swaying in the wind, drinking crisp white wine and eating great tasting food, talking and talking.


The morning after we headed off again. This time the trip was shorter, and we managed to stop on the way. For example, we had a wee stop when we spotted this cotton tree!

Ylwa, should you be reading this – stop now! Don’t look any further. Just go to any other site and don’t ever look at this post again. Bye!


The biggest thing was probably the snake detour though. Here’s Peter with a python.


The python really wanted those sunglasses. I don’t blame him.


Say hi! I also had the python around my neck (even though there is no photo evidence). Surprisingly muscular, this little 2-year old.


And a tree snake. So cute!


Look! Proof!


We weren’t allowed to cuddle with this one. Not that surprised why.


These little critters where even cuter than anything else, but apparently more poisonous than anything else. Uh oh!


Yes, green tree snake. You should have guessed that.

1401_SriLanka-Part4-Snakes-9 And with a python tongue I end this post. Tomorrow I’ll share some more from Galle.

A day and a night in Colombo

When we left Sweden we didn’t go straight back to Melbourne. We had a week somewhere on the way. I had no idea where we were going until we were at the airport, at which point Peter pulled out a quiz. I was completely lost. I only managed to squeak out where we were going on the last, easiest level.

Where to you ask? Sri Lanka!


At the airport we were greeted by one of Peters coworkers. He took us to his parents impressively beautiful place, where we were staying the first night.


After freshening up and having some breakfast, we headed out to see some of Colombo.



There were plenty Buddhas everywhere. This one was especially pretty.


We stopped by a temple where a crow greeted us.


The temple was on stilts in a lake, and no, that’s not all of it. That’s just one of the small adjoining pavilions.


More Buddhas! Can you spot the cob web? I saw it just now.


I found a little friend that didn’t seem to happy about being wet.


Whilst Peter was photographing more Buddhas.




Yeah, plenty of them.


Then off to another temple! This one a bit more colourful, to say the least.


In the middle of the temple was this great big tree.


Thirsty dog.


And a fairly aggressive statue.


We hopped in the car again and went to get some lunch.


We parked next to these fancy buildings. But we weren’t going here, we were going across the street.


Oh no! Not to this place, next to it. This building just looked quite interesting.


We went to Dutch Hospital. Which used to be a hospital, not anymore. Now there are plenty restaurants in there instead.


Peter was there, of course.


I ordered a passion mojito, because it was vacay after all!


Peter had a Manhattan.


Then came the food. I only managed to snap blurry pictures of my dish, but Peter’s veggie burger came out all clear.


And Navin’s pizza.


Here he is by the way – say hi!


At this point we had already finished lunch, left the Dutch Hospital and headed to a hotel for some hangout in the pool bar.


The temperature was perfect and the ambience relaxed.


They had an interesting cocktail menu.


And pretty cocktails. This one – a Long Island Ice Tea


And some other delicious ones which I can’t remember what they were. I guess orange juice and something! Was I right?


Yeah, I know. Plenty pictures of cocktails. But what can I say? They’re just so gosh darn pretty. This one was an Arrak mojito. Fairly tasty.


Jump to about 8 hours later. We’ve gone back to the house we were staying at. Peter had a nap and I think I simply surfed on my phone. Then we had drinks on the rooftop terrace with Navin’s family, enjoying the tranquil evening and looking at the star, followed by a delicious home cooked Sri Lankan dinner. After dinner we hopped into a taxi and headed to a rooftop bar. It was really, really dark up there, so my camera didn’t want to perform so well. And this picture of me and Peter is possibly one of the worst ones of us, but I don’t care. I love it anyway. Maybe just because of that.


As it was a Monday evening, there weren’t many people there. Suited me just fine.


Then I found the flash. Yay! Navin doesn’t seem too happy about it though.


A friend of Navin’s, Surash, joined us.


And at about 2.30am we got too tired, gave up and headed back to the house.

12 hours of socialising

We visited Sweden in April for a family event. We were only in the country for a week, and in my hometown for 23 hours. I wanted to meet up with a bunch of people while I was there, so I came up with the idea of simply letting everyone know where I was for lunch and dinner and let them show up. It worked wonderfully, and I think I met around 40 friends and family in those few hours. Intense? Absolutely, but it beats going all around the city (or the country) to see as many.

Anyway. We figred we’d try to do something similar. So on January 2nd, we invited a bunch of friends to join us either for brunch or dinner.


We had the brunch at my brother’s apartment. He and the family were traveling, so we got it all to ourselves. Emilie was one of the first to arrive.


Stefan was also there.


And Marre! I haven’t seen her for quite some time, so this was fun!


Though, the clear guest of honour was Asta. The first time I got to meet this little miracle. Cute as a button!


After a few hours of brunch, most of the people left. Quite tired, we settled back in the sofa.


My brother stayed with us. As did Nina, but somehow I didn’t snap a photo of her? Oh well, she’s coming to visit us here in Melbourne in a few weeks, I’ll make it up then!


After hanging on the sofa sipping champagne leftover from NYE we headed to dinner. We had some good ethiopian food with another bunch of people but ohoy – I didn’t take a single picture of it. I’m sure I filmed though… I seriously need to do something about my video backlog.


Anyway. After dinner a few of us headed out for drinks. Emma was there.


We went to this cute little bar with stuff absolutely everywhere.


After about 12 hours of non-stop socialising, we headed back to my brothers apartment to crash. The next day was equally intense, although this time not from socialising but from shopping + working. Although oh! We did have a dinner with friends in the evening. When we left Sweden the day after that I was so incredibly tired. But you know what? Totally worth it.

Random snaps from Örebro

Just before and after New Years Eve, I spent some time in Örebro, the town I went to university in. I had some friends to visit.


Like Maria. She was very busy studying, so we had to cram in socialising in her breaks. Totally worth it anyway!


I walked around and hung out with her geraniums. She’s never going to be a crazy cat lady, but she’s well on her way to becoming a crazy geranium lady.


On New Years Day I went home with Emelie to her super cute apartment. We chewed on some pizza, talked and browsed Hemnet (the Swedish equivalent of Not that we’re looking for a house, but you know. It’s fun!


Her place was so incredibly cosy, I never wanted to leave.


And with the candles in the fireplace, I’ll end this post.