Jag ägnade dagar åt det som är ingenting nu


I have been quiet for a few days, and honestly, the last posts are from somewhere mid last week. It’s just been a bit full on since Nina left Melbourne. The weekend flew by and then Monday came again, and I’ve been working crazy hours. Don’t get me wrong, I have missed working, and I’ve been enjoying late nights at the office (one day I even stayed to 10.30pm!).

It has paid off and I’ve gotten things done, learnt new things and reinvigorated projects that haven’t received proper attention. Somehow I feel like I’m currently working a bit uphill. I need to push through to get over the hump, and even know it won’t be all downhill, it will even out.

But for now, I’m going to prioritise work. Which means that my photographing and this blog will suffer somewhat. But you know what? That’s okay. I’ll get back at it when I feel I can manage both.

See you in a few days again. Until then – have a great Friday and an awesome weekend. I know I’m planning to have one.
xo, Stina

Nina’s last day in Melbourne / Part 1

Nina stayed with us for two weeks, and on her last day I took the day off work and joined her, trying to cram the best of Melbourne in 12 hours.

We started slowly, as she needed to pack her things. Then we headed on off to South Melbourne for what was supposed to be an early lunch but turned out to be a normal-timed lunch. We went to a personal favourite – Chez Dré. We both had my standard, a polenta-mushroom dish that’s to die for, accompanied with our standard chai latte.

140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-1 140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-2 140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-5 140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-4 140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-7 140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-Collage-1

We then wandered through South Melbourne Market, which is just around the corner. We looked at tacky and gorgeous wares (I bought a new bathroom mat, I’ll show you soon), checked out the food and stumbled over Angela who was there for work. After making sure we’ve seen everything, we left the market and headed to the tram to go into the city. But I need to do some work, so more on that tomorrow.

140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-25 140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-17 140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-Collage-2 140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-20140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-22 140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-24 140223_SouthMelbourneMarket-19

An evening at the night market

Last Wednesday we had vague plans to go to the free concerts at Sidney Myer Music Bowl. But then Wednesday came and the skies were all gray and it was going to rain. No way we were going outside then. Then I realised it was night market day! And since the night market is mostly covered, it was decided!

It was packed with people and treats. We wandered the stalls, had some chickpea chips with aioli (nom!), white sangria (somewhat yum!), mexican food and some sugary cocktails while the rain poured outside. After a few hours we were completely full and had wandered around the market at least twice, we decided to head home through the rain.

Note to self: get an umbrella. Soon!

140219_QVM-Night-Market-10 140219_QVM-Night-Market-Collage-1 140219_QVM-Night-Market-13 140219_QVM-Night-Market-6 140219_QVM-Night-Market-8 140219_QVM-Night-Market-20 140219_QVM-Night-Market-23 140219_QVM-Night-Market-Collage-2 140219_QVM-Night-Market-32 140219_QVM-Night-Market-42 140219_QVM-Night-Market-Collage-3 140219_QVM-Night-Market-52 140219_QVM-Night-Market-56

1000 Pound Bend + Rooftop Bar

The best part of having visitors is the fact that you go out and do so much more stuff – every day of the week. The other day I met up with Nina for some lunch at 1000 £ Bend. She had a halloumi burger and me, I had their mushroom burger. All very delicious.

After work we met up again and headed to Curtin House Rooftop Bar for some drinks. We sat there and sipped sangria in the sunset with the fabulous inner city views. After a while Peter and Angela joined us and we headed to Fitzroy for some more rooftop hangout at Naked for Satan, but I was way too preoccupied by the wine and the loads of food we ordered to snap any pictures. Now I got hungry again. Uh oh.

140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-3 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-Collage-1 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-7 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-11 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-8 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-6 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-Collage-2 140219_CurtinHouseRooftopBar-10

From Dromana to St Kilda

This is the last post from the weekend – I promise. I know I dragged it out, but come on, I took somewhere around 8-900 pictures over the range of two days. It deserved a bit of space.

Anyhow. On Sunday after the hike to Bushranger’s Bay, we headed to Dromana for some late lunch. Dee’s Kitchen was still open, but was only serving some salads + stuff in the counter. Well, fine with us as we had dinner plans with friends back in Melbourne, and just needed something for now. We ordered a Freekah each and devoured them along with some loose leaf chai lattes.

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-98 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-99 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-102

We had originally planned to stop by Frankston and check out the sand sculptures, but we were too late and a little bit stressed about getting there in time, so we skipped it, and decided to drive up along the coast to the lookout from the Brighton Beach foreshore instead. We took the longer, scenic route, and stopped a couple of times to look at the view.

From Brighton and further into the city, there were plenty kite surfers out. Their brightly coloured sails were beautiful against the pale blue background.

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-Collage-6 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-110 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-Collage-7 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-111 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-115

From Cape Schanck Lighthouse to Bushranger’s Bay

The goal of the day turned out to be Cape Schanck Lighthouse. Well, not really, but that was the starting point. After getting a suggestion from Angela, we decided to hike to Bushranger’s Bay from the lighthouse, as it promised stunning coastal views. And it was sure a pretty walk down to the dramatically set beach.

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-24 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-27 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-Collage-2

The plants along the path were incredibly pretty. There’s just something magical about those poofy grassy things, ey? For the first part of the walk we could still see the lighthouse every now and then, bobbing up above a overgrown hill further away. It was our milestone to see how far we’d got. Soon we couldn’t see it any longer.

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-38 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-26 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-Collage-3 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-43

The views were indeed stunning. Although I had a tendency to shoot the shrubbery instead of the views. That’s what happens when you refuse to switch from your 50mm prime lens. Oh well.

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-46 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-48 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-52 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-53

On our way down the stairs to the beach Nina slipped a bit and sprained her ankle somewhat. We stopped, had a wee rest, looked at the view until she was ready to (more slowly) make her way down the last few stairs. Finally down she took of her shoes and went to cool them down in the sea. Peter and me avoided the cold water and sat down on some rocks, ate an apple or two and just looked at the horizon. Oh! mostly we looked at seagulls, because a bunch of them were bathing themselves in a little stream just below us. Super cute!

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-60 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-Collage-4 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-67 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-79 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-Collage-5

With our stomachs full of fruit and our heads filled with the view, we headed back. Peter walked back the same way but me and Nina opted for another route back, which turned out to be the worst decision of the day! Peter got barely any rain and saw ten kangaroos and a fox up close, and we got no animals and plenty drizzles. Oh well, it still was a somewhat pretty walk, even without dramatic coastal scenery. I suppose you can’t get it all all the time?

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-92 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-93 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-96

Two kinds of bubbles and a dinner

After a few hours of kangaroo cuddles (see last post), we headed into Cowes and to our rental house. We passed a few cockatoos and colourful birds on the way and about 7 minutes later (+30 minutes for dinner shopping) we arrived at the house. First order of business: a dip in the jacuzzi while sipping on sparkling wine. Calling it divine is an understatement.

After soaking for a while we started making dinner. Unfortunately the bbq was out of gas, but hey, there was a kitchen so we just brought the cooking inside. When dusk started settling we put out all the food on the backyard table and started stuffing our faces with everything – all equally delicious. We had some vague plan to use the jacuzzi and watch the stars, but turns out we were knackered after the party the night before + the long day, so we all kinda fell asleep on the couch instead, while watching some odd tv show. Oh well, you can’t be festive every Saturday, can you?

140216_PhillipIsland_Part2-11 140217_PhillipIsland_Part2-Collage-1 140216_PhillipIsland_Part2-24 140216_PhillipIsland_Part2-26 140217_PhillipIsland_Part2-Collage-2 140216_PhillipIsland_Part2-32

An armful of kangaroo cuddles

So, as we have a visitor we went to Phillip Island Wildlife Park this weekend. That is a must for every new visitor that comes here. Who can say no to feeding loads of cute kangaroos and wallabies? Certainly not me. I can do that over and over again without getting bored.

I always come home with a camera full of cute animal pictures, and of course this was the case this weekend too. I think about 160 pictures made their way through the editing phase. Of course, I’m not going to spam you with all of them, you’ll have to head on to Flickr for the full set. Instead I’ve tried to pick a few to represent the day. Boy was that hard! After battling with myself for a while, I managed to shrink it down to a manageable amount. Now scroll down and enjoy a bunch of delicious furry cuteness!

Oh! FYI: The little one with the swan you’ll see later? That little kangaroo kiddy actually bitch slapped that swan! I’m so, so sad I didn’t get the slap moment on film, I just got the moments leading up to that and after. Still: that’s one fierce little joey.

140216_PhillipIslandWildlifePark-49 140216_PhillipIslandWildlifePark-29 140216_PhillipIslandWildlifePark-13 140216_PhillipIslandWildlifePark-Collage-2 140216_PhillipIslandWildlifePark-65 140216_PhillipIslandWildlifePark-45 140216_PhillipIslandWildlifePark-Collage-1 140216_PhillipIslandWildlifePark-81 140216_PhillipIslandWildlifePark-90 140216_PhillipIslandWildlifePark-96 140216_PhillipIslandWildlifePark-80

Finally, I’ll leave you with an image of my favourite. We went to this same place about a year ago and I then snapped the picture on the left and posted it to Instagram. I really liked this little wallaby. It’s easy the cutest one I’ve ever seen, and a year ago it kinda just hung out with me for a while? This year I think I stumbled across him/her again. I feel 98% sure it’s the same one. A little bit bigger, a little bit more shy but definitely still crazy cute. What do you think? Do you see the resemblance?


Two breakfasts in a row!

Saturday morning we met up with Angela and Eric for some tired, slightly hungover breakfast. There was a big Valentine’s Bash the day before, but I haven’t had the time to prep the video yet (SUCH a big video backlog. Need to get back into editing mode!), so for the next few days, I’ll share pictures galore from our weekend.

First out: Breakfast at Brick Lane, which seems like it’s turning into a tradition. I like traditions, especially if they include delicious food.

140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-5 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-Collage-1 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-8 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-4 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-13 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-Collage-2 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-11

YUM! We then got in our little rented mini and headed to Phillip Island. But more info + loads and LOADS of pictures from that trip tomorrow. I need to pace myself or y’all will get dizzy and faint for image overload!