Fridays should always start with a late breakfast

One of my favourite things about Melbourne is the avid breakfast options here. There’s a cafe on every street corner, and pretty much every single one of them takes their food very seriously. As a food lover, going out for breakfast feels a bit like dipping your toes into heaven. Erhm. My language might be a little bit too colourful right now, but hey – you get my point. I love going out for breakfast.

As we have a visitor right now, which you’ve already spotted in some earlier posts, I wanted to take the opportunity to do it a bit more than usual. So on Friday morning I did a little bit of work from home, and then together we trotted the short walk to the closest cafe we have: Tall Timber.

140214_BreakfastatTallTimber-1 140214_BreakfastatTallTimber-Collage-1 140214_BreakfastatTallTimber-2 140214_BreakfastatTallTimber-5 140214_BreakfastatTallTimber-6

We sat down indoors, chatted and ate some beautiful food. Finished, full and happy, we headed up to the counter to pay only to be met by this amazing spread of freshly baked pastries. Somehow we controlled ourselves, didn’t get a single thing, paid and headed out. I got on my bike to ride to my office, and Nina jumped on a tram for a day of city explorations.

An impromptu after work

On Wednesday I met up with Sandra midday for our weekly Klaus and Fritz editorial meeting. I love that meeting. We sit down, talk like crazy about work and non-work related stuff, decide things and feel important.

This time, when we were done with our business part of it, we thought that it was time for an after work session. As a freelancer, you get them so rarely, so I was quick to jump on the idea. We walked just a block from where we were and headed upstairs to the rooftop bar at The Local Taphouse. And yes, I call it a rooftop bar even though there’s no view at all. After all, it’s all sky above so this must be the roof, right?

140213_TheLocalTaphouse-1 140213_TheLocalTaphouse-6 140213_TheLocalTaphouse-Collage-1 140213_TheLocalTaphouse-4

It’s like a little oasis, filled with a few tables and crammed with flowers. We wanted to share this warm arvo moment with more people, so we got Melanie and Angela to join us.

140213_TheLocalTaphouse-9 140213_TheLocalTaphouse-Collage-2 140213_TheLocalTaphouse-14

After an hour or two of sipping delicious (!) organic cloudy apple cider I had to leave this merry bunch. I met up with Peter and went to dinner with one of his old Swedish friends who was in town with his wife + four kids, where I managed to not snap a single photo. Oh well, I’ll make up for it another day.

Valentine’s Day


Today is Valentine’s day. I’ve never been a fan of this day, to be honest. So today I’ll be grabbing my husband and head on over to a friend’s place for a party where we get to talk, laugh and dance with a beautiful bunch of people.

The candle lit dinner with my husband? That’ll never happen on V-Day. But about every other week we take a night to ourselves, treat ourselves to a decently nice dinner and talk. It’s awesome.

On that note – time to go help out with the last party prepping. Enjoy your Friday night!

Shopped treasures from Stockholm

It’s been over a month since we got back from Sweden (already!) and I haven’t shown you guys the things we brought back. Because even though there’s plenty stuff for the house available here in Melbourne, there are always a few certain things that I come across that I just have to get. Like these:


A yearly calendar! I only managed to get it up on the wall the other day and haven’t filled in any things yet, but hey, I’ll get there. Love the clean look of it.


This is one purchase and one find in my parents drawers. The bear I got and it matches the little fox, mini bear and squirrel that already have (see this old post for a peek of them).

My brother was going through some boxes at my parents place around Christmas and came trotting down with a beautiful 70s Nikon. He wasn’t sure it was working so I brought it + the extra lens that he also located, back to Australia. I’m still on my first trial film, but it seems to be working just fine! It’s lovely just standing around somewhere in the house, but I love the thought of shooting film. There’s something so flimsy about digital, that you can re-take as much as you want. Film in comparison feels so much more serious. You really pick your moments and think them through. It’s two different ways to shoot, and I kind of like switching between them.


This picture I posted not that long ago, but you’ll get it again. I got that patterned cutting board from my close friend Elin and I love it! I use it every single day and every time I take it out, it makes me a little bit happier.


Last but not least (it took up a fair amount of space in our bags) is this bulb string light. I’ve been looking for bulb string lights for what seems like forever here, but can’t seem to find it. So I simply gave up, gave in, got them in Sweden and had my dad switch out the connector. They fit perfectly around the window in the extra bedroom.

So happy with these purchases. Also so happy that there are no major furniture items to buy to finish this house, now it’s more about the details. And boy do I love them details.

A Sunday outing in Yarra Valley

The only time we ever make it to vineyards is when we have visitors. Thankfully we do have them regularly, giving us a perfect excuse for a Sunday afternoon wine outing. This last Sunday we squeezed into a rented Nissan Micra and headed for Yarra Valley.

It was a warm day. The temperature was at 40 when we left Melbourne, and we maxed the AC so we wouldn’t melt away. The closer we got to Yarra Valley, the more clouds gathered up ahead, but the warmth stayed on. We passed dry fields and growing rows of wines and finally made our way to the first stop of the day: Dominique Portet Winery.

We stumbled upon this winery the first time we ventured to Yarra Valley a year ago, and have been back four times since. If you ever find yourself between Coldstream and Healesville and want to taste some absolutely amazing rosé, this is the place for you. Me and Nina tasted our way through their wine repertoire while Peter, the designated driver, just had a few sips and a whole bunch of long smells. We left 5 bottles richer.

Next stop was back in Coldstream. Nina happens to love cider, so we thought we’d have to pass by Coldstream Brewery to taste some. It was incredibly windy outside and we held on to all our things, afraid that they’d blow away. I managed to order a pot of beer before I realised they had a tasting paddle. Ouch! Oh well, I went back in, got my paddle and then left some beer. The theme of the day was tasting, so I couldn’t not do that, right?

Originally we had planned to go to another winery at this point. We felt a bit filled up on drinks so we figured we’d head straight to Dandenongs instead. We took the long, scenic route, along small gravel roads through the woods. We aimed for the Rhododendron Garden, but it was closed due to the fire-ban. Uh oh! We stopped a minute to admire the massive trees and then got back into the car and headed to Sassafras for some very late lunch. A chai latte and a baguette later it was high time to head on back home again.

Such a nice Sunday!

130209_YarraValley-3 130209_YarraValley-Collage-1 130209_YarraValley-Collage-2 130209_YarraValley-16 130209_YarraValley-Collage-3 130209_YarraValley-22 130209_YarraValley-Collage-4 130209_YarraValley-26 130209_YarraValley-Collage-5 130209_YarraValley-Collage-6 130209_YarraValley-43 130209_YarraValley-Collage-7 130209_YarraValley-47

A new pot luck tradition

A friend of ours wanted to start a new tradition – a recurring potluck. On Saturday it was time for the inaugural event. We thought long and hard about what to make (not really) and ended up with a quick strawberry and rhubarb pie, as well as a salad which essentially just included everything that happened to be in our fridge.

Eric had prettified the place and covered the table in mason jars with candles in them. it was absolutely magical. We ate, talked, drank and ended the game by playing snap, an incredibly stressful, but amazingly fun card game. Can’t wait until the next potluck!

130209_PotLuck-1 130209_PotLuck-Collage-2 130209_PotLuck-Collage-2 130209_PotLuck-6 130209_PotLuck-Collage-3

Is it a breakfast?

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Angela lately. Somehow we always manage to squeeze in a coffee, some crafting or tennis (! starting today, actually). I snapped a few pictures when I met her for lunch (or as it was for me, a really late breakfast) at Is It Cafe a few days ago.


Angela trying to make up her mind on what to order.


Pretty stuff on the table.


I <3 Is It. It’s one of my favourites in this neighbourhood. The food’s always good and the staff so nice and welcoming.


Angela’s food – a Melbs classic with smashed avo and feta. Delicious!


We talked and talked until there was no more food and it was time to leave. Just as it should be.

A station, some food, an art opening followed by some silliness

On Thursday I met up with this lady and headed to the train. She looked impeccable in a black dress and raspberry lips.


We were going here – to Richmond. We hung outside Richmond station for a little while, waiting for some additional company and managed to take a few snaps.




We went for a drink at the Corner Hotel. After a while we got a bit hungry and started walking. We had a goal: OST on Bridge Street. It was a bit further to walk, but worth the extra mile or so it required.

OST had super cute candle holders on the tables.


And a vase filled with sticks and their business card stuck into it. This picture totally makes me miss having tree trunks in our living room. We used to have three trunks in our flat in Sweden, that went from the floor all the way to the ceiling. I loved ’em dearly.


I ordered something that sounded quite fabulous on the menu. It turned out it was german mac’n’cheese. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted good, but wasn’t really what I anticipated. (Also, I’m not a big fan of mac’n’cheese, which is surprising as I love deconstructed servings of the food)


After feeding ourselves, we walked back almost all the way to Richmond station. We got to the end of our journey: the opening of an art exhibit. We checked out the pieces and sipped on free wine.


Angela taking it all in.


After that we said goodbye to our company and was heading home, but instantly changed our mind. Instead we steered the taxi to another Richmond address to meetup with Peter + some mates of his. We went here, to The Royston.


This is the only picture I snapped after that. We were too busy sipping on drinks, making really (really) bad jokes and being generally silly. Such a great night!


A weekend at Wilson’s Prom – Part 3

Sunday morning meant time to say goodbye to the camping. We all clambered on top off and in front of Sandra and Ralf’s rented campervan and took a group shot. That’s all 20 of us!

The campsite was a bustling. Before 11am we had to deconstruct our tents and pack everything up in our cars. We made it and gathered in the shade to once again sing to Shohre and thank Angela for her splendid camping project management.

140202_WilsonsProm-Part2-30 140202_WilsonsProm-Part1-Collage-8 140202_WilsonsProm-Part1-Collage-9-2

As we didn’t have enough time to eat breakfast at the campsite, those of us that were going straight back to Melbourne decided to stop along the way for a joint breakfast/lunch. At noon we arrived in Korumburra and headed to this cute little pink cafe where we sipped thick shakes or ice coffees and chewed on nachos, müesli or sandwiches before it was time to head on back to the city.

140202_WilsonsProm-Part2-49 140202_WilsonsProm-Part1-Collage-10

A weekend at Wilson’s Prom – Part 2

After a midday spent at the beach, we were quite tired. We moved all our stuff into the shade behind some of our tents and just lounged for a few hours. Juan and Eric entertained us with some guitar playing and a wallaby came by to say hello. After a while we got hungry and sandwich material was brought to the table and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Iulian then got a stroke of genius and headed out to buy ice cream. So yummy.

140202_WilsonsProm-Part1-82 140202_WilsonsProm-Part1-Collage-5 140202_WilsonsProm-Part1-Collage-6 140202_WilsonsProm-Part1-102

When the sun started it was time for that evening’s music set. Juan, Eric and Peter played and sang (with all of us singing along, of course) to a bunch of songs, from Lorde’s Royals to Vance Joy’s Riptide (which they had to encore).

140202_WilsonsProm-Part2-8 140202_WilsonsProm-Part1-Collage-7 140202_WilsonsProm-Part2-2

When the clock struck 9 and the sun was completely gone, we all made our way to a barbeque spot some way away from the campsite. We stayed there in the dark and barbecued veggie sausages, greens, corn and the most mouth watering rum and cinnamon spiced pineapples. At 1am we turned off our music, had a look at the Milky Way which was clearly spreading out above us, and wandered back to our tents, snuggled in our blankets and fell asleep.