A Saturday afternoon in Daylesford

So, turns out I forgot to post all of the pictures from the weekend in Daylesford a few weeks ago. I have posted about it before here and here. Today I’m sharing the rest of the images from the Saturday afternoon and evening. We went into Daylesford for the day, went to antique shoppes and then went to some of the (foul tasting) mineral springs, where we attempted to take some group shots.

The evening ended with a few of us heading to Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa, where we lounged in heated mineral pools and saunas for a few hours, before heading back to the house and having a delicious meal with the rest of the lot. Aww, so nice.

Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-3 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-5 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-8 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-6 Daylesford-Collage-1 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-12 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-11 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-17 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-14 Daylesford-Collage-3 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-25 Daylesford-Collage-2 Daylesford-Collage-4 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-28 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-29 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-32 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-33 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-34 Daylesford-Collage-5 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-50

Indian Food and El Snappo

Uh oh, I am so utterly behind on posting stuff. I have been a busy bee these last few weeks. I shouldn’t complain though, it has been good, but I am also a bit tired from working 2/3 of this last long weekend, and kinda never having the time to relax. Oh well, I hear there’s always the ‘April work hump’ for freelancers. Or at least that’s what the people in the office say, who have been freelancing for way longer than me.

Anyway. I forgot to post these pictures from Wednesday now almost two weeks ago (it feels like ages ago!). A bunch of us headed over to Eric’s place to munch on some Indian food and then play El Snappo. All in all, a very good Wednesday night.

Indian-and-El-Snappo-2 Indian-and-El-Snappo-8 Indian-and-El-Snappo-6 Indian-and-El-Snappo-10 Indian-and-El-Snappo-Collage-1 Indian-and-El-Snappo-11 Indian-and-El-Snappo-13 Indian-and-El-Snappo-14 Indian-and-El-Snappo-15 Indian-and-El-Snappo-18 Indian-and-El-Snappo-19

An Autumn Arvo and a Lens Whacking Attempt

No, it’s not as dangerous for the lens as it sounds. It’s shooting without a lens attached. Yeah, you still have it, but you just move it around. I stumbled on an article about it recently and I so so so wanted to try it out. So earlier today, I took my small camera and an old 70s Nikon lens out for a walk around the neighbourhood. This little film is what came out of it.


This little fluffy create has spent Easter with us. I was sneezing like crazy most of the time, but you know what? When you have a little furry one hanging out on the couch next to you, purring and wanting to get pet – I don’t mind the sneezing one bit. Oh how I’ve missed having animals around.

We might get to look after her next weekend too. Cross your fingers!

Cheeky-1 Cheeky-2

Allra käraste mormor


My grandma was quite a lady. Although I’m not sure if I want to call her a lady. I have so many words in Swedish to describe her (som en rejäl, rivig tant), but my English is lacking…

She was amazing. She used to bake ridiculously tasty breads and cakes, make jokes and watch action movies with me. She taught me how to cheat in card games and was so cheeky at every possible opportunity. She made me love wrinkles, because why wouldn’t I want to be just like her. So stubborn and sometimes even slightly annoying. But always there for me. Always with a warm hand holding mine, a hug, and some coloured cookies to chew on from that three tier cookie tin she always kept in her kitchen.

It’s now more than eight years since she passed but I still remember her smell, the feel of my hands in hers and the sound of voice. And although she’s not here, I’m happy that somehow, even just in my memory, she’ll always be with me.

MakeSense drinks

Last Wednesday me and Eric headed to Centre Place for some drinks. Not just any drinks, but the first drinks for MakeSense Melbourne. I won’t go into detail about the organisation cause I’m too busy right now, but if you want to know more about this fascinating organisation – head on over to the interview I did with Marie and Camille, the founders of the Melbourne branch on Klaus and Fritz a while ago.

And ugh, I got a wee bit self conscious when I started editing these pictures. It was incredibly dark in the bar, so all of the pics are so very grainy. Oh well. At least you get a sense (pun intended!) of how it was.

MakeSenseFoodTour-Collage-1 MakeSenseFoodTour-6 MakeSenseFoodTour-Collage-3 MakeSenseFoodTour-Collage-2

A Daylesford Weekend / Friday Night

So last weekend a whole bunch of us (14 at the most) headed a couple of hours out of Melbourne to spend the weekend in a cabin. We cooked, we talked and played games, wandering the town and some of us squeezed in a visit to a spa as well. It was an intense weekend, and I came back feeling more tired than before I left (I blame all the hours spent talking and not sleeping) but it was so worth it.

Over the course of the weekend I managed to snap 972 pictures. Uhm, yeah. I know. I won’t share all of them with you, because you know, I don’t want you to spend a full day looking at pictures. I’ll limit myself + split it up over a few posts, as I’m having too hard a time to pick so few that they’ll fit in one blog post. With that said, here are my pictures from the Friday evening, when me and Angela had made loads of handmade gnocchi baked with kale and cheese, then hanging out in the living room until the wee hours.

Daylesford-1-FridayNight-5 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-Collage-1 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-13 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-14 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-Collage-2 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-16 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-22 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-24 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-31 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-27 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-25

Hello Autumn.


Just a couple of weeks ago I had the AC running on cold simply because it was too hot inside the house. Well, it was hot outside too, way hotter than normal, so that even our fabulous insulation couldn’t cope with it. Sure, today is sunny too, and so was the weekend, but you can feel a certain crispness in the air. And don’t forget last week and the continous rain, when the city was enveloped in grayness, clouds overcast and a constant light drizzle.

Autumn is finally here. I think my birthday will be my start point of autumn. This year, and last year as well, my birthday party has been on one of those last few days when you can sit outside in the evening, without freezing too much.

I have always dreaded autumn for as long as I can remember. Sure, I’ve treasured the sense of a re-start that crisp autumn air gives you, but it has always been a bearer of colder days to come. And I know what you are going to say – Melbourne winters are nothing like Swedish ones – I know, but they’re still winters. But this year, for the first time ever, I actually have no problems with it. To be honest, I’m kind of looking forward to it.

I don’t know if it’s the cooler weather or the potential of having an everyday routine without being interrupted much, but I’m dead certain that this winter will be amazing. Sure, I’ll be cold and whiny, I count on that, but somehow I feel that this colder season holds good things for me. So bye summer. You were glorious and I’ll be happy when you’re back, but for now – bring it on Autumn. Give me all you’ve got.