It’s all about the books


Fast or slow reader?
Most of the time fairly fast. I’d say 75%, cause sometimes I just don’t want to rush through it.

Books as thick as bricks or really thin? 
More thick than thin! I can’t do shorter stories. I need it to be at least 200 pages, otherwise it passes too fast!

Library or book store? 
Always a library. I like to keep my books.

Audiobook or e-book?
Neither, really. I like ’em real, but if I have to choose – ebooks.

Hardcover or Paperback? 
Paperbacks, they’re so much easier to deal with.

Vampires or ghosts? 
Ehm, neither? I can do supernatural in stories but like it to be a bit less, well, obvious.

On at a time or slalom reading?
I’d like to say one at a time, but simply ain’t true right now. I haven’t been very good at finishing a book this year…

New or old? 
New! I do like the classics though, but nowadays I don’t have the patience to give them a bit the time they deserve.

Bookmark or dog-ears?
A bit of both, depends on what I have on hand.

Snacks or candy?
Tea! Or a glass of wine.

Biographies or memoirs? 
Another neither, what’s wrong with me? I’m more about fiction.

Horror or chicklit? 
If I have to choose I’ll pick chicklit, but that’ll only do if I haven’t got anything else available.

Couch or the bed?
Couch. I just fall asleep in the bed.

Inside our outside? 
Outside! Or rather, when traveling. That’s my favourite place to read. I miss commuting just because of this, as it used to be the place where I read most of my stuff.

Original language (english) or Swedish translation?
Original language as much as I can. I read most of my books in English.

Poetry or prose?
Prose does a slam dunk! I’m way too (intentionally) shallow for poetry.

Female or male authors? 
Who cares? As long as the book is good.

The book or the movie? 
The book, dead on!

Cook book or bake book?
Either would work just fine. Not that I spend that much time in the kitchen lately..

Love or thriller?
More love than thriller, but both will do.

First grown-up book I read and really liked
Have I told y’all my memory sucks? I’ve tried to conjure it (by looking at my books, because for certain, that one book is somewhere among the piles) but no, I have no idea. I read loads when I was a kid though, and don’t remember most of it. One book I do remember, which isn’t a grown-up one but still, is The Brothers Lionheart, a Swedish fantasy novel. I re-read this about 5 summers as a kid.

Book classic I say I’ve read, but never actually gotten through?
The Brothers Karamazov. I’ve gotten like 2/3 through and tried three times. I do love the story, but the whole russians-with-a-zillion-names kind of gets to me.

Hardest book I’ve read:
Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre. I can’t even describe the amount of anxiety I had for such a long time after this.

Best children’s book author:
Erlend Loe.

Book that touched me most:
This is so hard. What keeps on coming back is books like Blood River (Tim Butcher) or Beasts of no nation (Uzodinma Iweala). Africa seems to be the theme here.

Review your latest read book:
Ehm, this is shameful but I can’t remember the last book I finished. Normally I go through a book a week, but this year, well, that’s not the case. I’ll mention the Wool – Shift – Dust series, by Hugh Howey that I finished probably late last year, which I really couldn’t put down. Or the new Haruki Murakami book I am so longing to read, which is due out in August.

List taken from Niotillfem.

Friday Night After Work Drinks

The lunch crew has expanded – to after work drinks! Last Friday we kicked this new tradition off. We started at Sister Bella, this typical Melbourne place which is located in an alleyway in an alleyway and up some stairs. We were joined by some of Hari and Tashi’s friends visiting from Adelaide. After a few drinks we moved to Campari House’s Rooftop Bar for some more drinks and more importantly – some food! After stuffing ourselves with pizza we ended the night at Nieuw Amsterdam, sipping on cocktails and talking until we got too tired and crammed ourselves in a taxi and headed home. Such a nice new tradition!

140526_AfterworkDrinks-00-Collage1 140526_AfterworkDrinks-1 140526_AfterworkDrinks-6 140526_AfterworkDrinks-7 140526_AfterworkDrinks-00-Collage3 140526_AfterworkDrinks-16 140526_AfterworkDrinks-00-Collage2 140526_AfterworkDrinks-13 140526_AfterworkDrinks-00-Collage4 140526_AfterworkDrinks-23

My first MakeSense Holdup

On a dusky Wednesday (or was it Tuesday? The day eludes me) evening I met up with Eric. We were heading to our first MakeSense holdup (read more about it here), but first we needed to get some food. We headed to Rue & Co and got ourselves some souvlakis and some darn tasty chips, sat down under the glowing trees and ate (and spilled sauce all over the place, like really all over the place).

We then headed to the MakeSense event. The first thing that hit me was that Melbourne is such a small place. Sure, we’ve been here for a while now (one year eight months) but already it’s shrinking. I knew Eric at the event, and the organisers Cami and Marie, but no one else. And it turns out that at the meeting was a girl from my co-working space, as well as the wife of my husbands co-worker, whom I sat next to at the Christmas dinner. And oh, the whole thing was held in the office just below my husbands. So many coincidences!

The next few hours were spent brainstorming and trying to come up with creative ideas for Long Street Coffee, a cafe that would train refugees. It’s so incredibly inspiring to get involved and do something not just for an economic gain, but that actually can make some sort of difference. So, naturally, I couldn’t help myself getting myself a bit more involved after this, volunteering graphics work. Although what’s most exciting (for me, at least!) is that I’ve gotten the green light to follow their story with my camera. I want to be there to document their journey from the idea to when they have their operation up and running, because damnit, they’ll get there. I’m not certain what this will be in the end, but I know I want to do it. To be honest, I’m super excited about the whole thing.

If you’re a creative person in or around Melbourne (or anywhere else for that matter, MakeSense exists all around the world) keep a lookout for MakeSense.

05-RueandCo-MakeSense-7 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-5 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-Collage-1 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-10 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-11 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-12 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-13 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-14

Autumn BBQ along the Yarra

Last weekend we had impromptu house guests. I’ll give you a hint, there were two of them, they were small and furry and the snore like full grown men. It was 34 hours of autumn walks, playing fetch and cuddling like crazy. Oh, I so want to get one of our own. But that’ll have to wait until this spring and after our permanent residency applications.

On Saturday we brought them along to a barbecue along the Yarra River with a few friends. We had hoped for some sunshine, but we lucked out. At least it wasn’t raining and it was decently heated. We stayed there until dark, when we packed up, drove home and dropped the dogs off and went to Sweetwater Inn for some drinks and more food. Although I didn’t bring my camera, so of that there is no proof.

PS. The name of the dogs are Scooter and Chloe. Chloe’s the one in most of these pictures, Scooter is the slightly more dense one. Both are awfully cute though. DS.

03-BBQ-3 03-BBQ-5 03-BBQ-7 03-BBQ-8 03-BBQ-9 03-BBQ-11 03-BBQ-10 03-BBQ-1 03-BBQ-13 03-BBQ-12

Apparently, it’s all about food or photo shoots nowadays

Apparently, it’s all about food or photo shoots nowadays. At least if you base it on the contents in these last few blog posts. Although to some extent, that’s my life right now. You’re not hearing me complain about it!

Anyhow. Here’s some foodie shots from a brunch session with Jen at Dukes Coffee Roasters last week. I just have one thing to say: more brunches should include Shiraz! Wine! That’s just ingenious.

02-DukesCoffeeRoasters-1 02-DukesCoffeeRoasters-2 02-DukesCoffeeRoasters-4 02-DukesCoffeeRoasters-5

Luxury Lunching

Probably my favourite part of having an office space in the city is meeting up with friends for lunch. That never gets old. Taking a break amid some project, taking a short walking and eating something delicious over some good conversation, preferably with some sunshine overhead.

Last week most of my biweekly lunch crew bailed, but Eric was still on. We went out on a burger run, and headed to HawkVsBadger. Apparently the regular burger was good, and so was the veggie on. I’m still looking for that one perfect veggie burger though. Anyway. They’re quaint little back door area was so nice, and I splurged and had a beer with lunch. Hey, does that mean that I’m turning a wee bit Aussie now? Having beer for a work week lunch would never happen in Sweden. Ever!

01-HawkVsBadger-1 01-HawkVsBadger-2 01-HawkVsBadger-3 01-HawkVsBadger-4

Heli <3 Alex

A Saturday not that long ago Heli and Alex allowed me to drag them into a park and take a few photos of them. Well, a few is probably not that truthful. I think I had over 500 in my camera when I got home. Anyway. I wanted to share my favourites from the day with you all. And without further ado, here they are! (and yes, there are plenty, but come on, I had to pick ’em from five hundred!)

Heli-and-Alex-33 Heli-and-Alex-2 Heli-and-Alex-0-Bamboo Heli-and-Alex-10 Heli-and-Alex-02-Cutesy Heli-and-Alex-8 Heli-and-Alex-20 Heli-and-Alex-23 Heli-and-Alex-28 Heli-and-Alex-43 Heli-and-Alex-98 Heli-and-Alex-50 Heli-and-Alex-03-Bamboo Heli-and-Alex-96 Heli-and-Alex-66 Heli-and-Alex-65 Heli-and-Alex-82 Heli-and-Alex-00-Area Heli-and-Alex-00-FromAfar Heli-and-Alex-131 Heli-and-Alex-124 Heli-and-Alex-122 Heli-and-Alex-123 Heli-and-Alex-86 Heli-and-Alex-00-Staircase Heli-and-Alex-113 Heli-and-Alex-119 Heli-and-Alex-116 Heli-and-Alex-100 Heli-and-Alex-00-Autumn Heli-and-Alex-134

Some fur, a cup and some craziness

The weekend before last I promised to help out a couple of friends and shoot some photos of a bunch of them for a show for Fringe Festival. During the afternoon I shot countless pictures, but today I’m not posting them. Today I’m just sharing those odd shots I got in between the proper ones. That will do for now. Once the final pictures are picked, posters done I’ll share the rest, but for now, you’ll have to make do.

Funkmeister-6 Funkmeister-20 Funkmeister-26 Funkmeister-28 00-01-Funkmeister-1 Funkmeister-34 Funkmeister-35 Funkmeister-40 Funkmeister-91 Funkmeister-93 Funkmeister-95 Funkmeister-176 Funkmeister-256 00-01-Funkmeister-2 00-01-Funkmeister-3 Funkmeister-269 Funkmeister-203

Angela’s Good Bye Lunch

A couple of weeks ago Angela moved from Melbourne to Mildura. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit crazy, but people have done crazier things for love. Anyhow. Her last day in Melbs, a few of us rocked up for a fancy lunch break, chumming down food at new eatery Supernormal. I, of course, brought a camera to this occasion.

Afterwards people headed back to their offices. Me on the other hand, had fired myself before lunch (just to rehire me later with a slightly less beneficial contract) so I could spend a bit more time with her before she left. We headed a few streets north and spent another hour talking over Angela’s favourite dessert – the banana date soufflé at Napoli. Delish. It was a long and sweet ending to this part of our friendship. It’s only been about 8 months since we really started hanging out, but after that it’s been a bit like a ride at a fair ground – intense, exhilarating and awesome. I’ll miss those random glasses of wines, brunches and weird ideas. Although, Mildy’s only a 7 hour drive away…

Supernormal-1 Supernormal-2 Supernormal-5 Supernormal-3 Supernormal-4 Supernormal-7 Supernormal-11 Supernormal-Hari Supernormal-12 Neapoli-1 Neapoli-2

Lunch at Suda

I’m not sure I’ve told the blog I have a lunch crew. I call us the Bourke St Lunch Crew (I think I had a cooler sounding name, but this was all that I could make up now) and we meet up every other week for a lunch, or to make it feel more legit, a Solution Re-alignment Meeting.

Anyway. A couple of weeks back we headed to this Korean place which, surprisingly, turned out to have some decently tasty kimchi. I’m not going to give you the details. If you want any, you’ll have to head to Klaus & Fritz for my post about the place. That gray lunch hour was spent in this quaint little place, with the lot of them trying to mess up all my photos. Oh well. I might have deleted the pictures where their out-of-focus hands (well, maybe not one) got in the way just as I took the picture, but I’m sure as hell going to post every single other photo of them from that day. So without further ado: random snaps from a lunch a long time ago.

Suda-1 Suda-7 Suda-Juan-Eating Suda-5 Suda-Hari Suda-17