Sunday Arvo Bubble Soccer

Be warned – there are a massive amount of photos in this post. But I couldn’t pick! And they’re all bubbly, so I figured, it’s my blog, I can do what I want, and post ’em all!

Anyway. This lot is from yesterday. Early afternoon we hopped into Eric’s car and headed east to Box Hill. The goal was an indoor sports centre, where we met up with a whole bunch of people f0r some sports. And it wasn’t any regular kind of sport either – it was bubble soccer.

We spent an hour inside those bubbles. It was surprisingly heavy (someone said each one was 5kg to tag along, it felt fine in the beginning, but it got tiresome), quite hard to look through and super hard to steer. But you know what? It was amazing fun. I’m sure we’ll do it at some point again. Afterwards we all headed to a nearby pub for some grub and a couple of drinks.

We came home early that night. I think I checked the clock when I slumped down in the couch after a long and warm shower, and it said 6.09pm, but I already wanted to go to bed. It was a long time ago since I felt so run-over. But that’s what a Sunday night is supposed to feel like, isn’t it?

Bubble-Soccer-2 Bubble-Soccer-0-1 Bubble-Soccer-6 Bubble-Soccer-8 Bubble-Soccer-9 Bubble-Soccer-13 Bubble-Soccer-0-2 Bubble-Soccer-18 Bubble-Soccer-20 Bubble-Soccer-22 Bubble-Soccer-24 Bubble-Soccer-29 Bubble-Soccer-31 Bubble-Soccer-36 Bubble-Soccer-32 Bubble-Soccer-34 Bubble-Soccer-37 Bubble-Soccer-38 Bubble-Soccer-39 Bubble-Soccer-33 Bubble-Soccer-42 Bubble-Soccer-44 Bubble-Soccer-0-3 Bubble-Soccer-50 Bubble-Soccer-52 Bubble-Soccer-54 Bubble-Soccer-60 Bubble-Soccer-0-4 Bubble-Soccer-68 Bubble-Soccer-69 Bubble-Soccer-71 Bubble-Soccer-0-5

four year adventure

Yesterday it was our wedding day. We had grazed the subject a couple of weeks ago, but it had slipped my mind, and at 7.30am in the morning we woke up and Peter reminded me. Four years. Four years ago since we married. Four years since that gray Saturday in the park on the spot where we had our first date. A lot has happened since, such as:

  • Gone on our honeymoon, which was a few weeks of volunteering in Ethiopia (and my first time back since living there as a kid!)
  • Quit our jobs and moved to Ghana
  • Visited Togo, Turkey, France,¬†Sweden (multiple occasions), Japan and Sri Lanka.
  • Quit our Ghanaian jobs and moved to Australia.
  • I became self-employed (and loving it!)
  • Said goodbye to a whole lot of friends and hello to a big bunch of new ones.
  • Lived in four different apartments and houses

Well I suppose I could add a lot to this list. It is four years after all. And over a really nice dinner at Gills Diner yesterday (where surprisingly enough not a single picture was taken) we came up with this list.

It doesn’t feel like we’ve been married for that long, but looking at this list (and all the add-ons that are in my head) it’s been ages. We’ve done so much, and in ways we’re different people now. What started that day four years ago wasn’t just a marriage. In a way it was the stepping board to realising our dreams. Yes, before I go on, I know this all sounds a bit stuffy, but it’s true.

Because we didn’t marry because we wanted to be married. Marriage was never a goal for either of us. It just happened to be a way to enable some of the changes we wanted to do. I sometimes jokingly say that we have a visa marriage, and there’s some truth to that. Although we do love each other, we wouldn’t have married unless there was a reason to it all.

Over the years since I have come to realise that no dream is unreachable*. Sure, it might feel like an unsurmountable challenge to uproot yourself and move somewhere or quit your job, which I certainly felt quite a bit. But in the end, it’s doable. And sure, it takes a lot of energy, commitment and sometimes it feels like you’re bashing your head against a wall. But push through. In the end it’s worth it. In the end you make it through, and no, it’s not a land of roses and honey and whatever, but it’s what you wanted. And you feel accomplished. Nothing beats that.

But I’m digressing. This wasn’t supposed to be a post about changing your life. This was supposed to be a post about my husband, my best friend, my biggest supporter and the love of my life. Thank you sweets. Thank you for being my partner in this roller coaster ride that is our life. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

38862_414692537746_6450147_n 38862_414692527746_5179588_n

* At least not when you’re privileged. We’re white, with solid middle class backgrounds and uni educations. This privilege opens doors that very well might be closed to other people. Which saddens me immensely. I want everyone to have those possibilities. They should have. I might be biased saying that we’re awesome people, but you know what? So is everyone else.¬†

Carlton Outtakes

I’ve been going around lately taking a lot of area pictures for a project I’m working. In between those walks I always end up with a few outtakes, such as these. My heart beats for Melbourne. All those cute alleyways, flowers blooming in winter and beautiful houses is just a little bit of magic.

Flower-1CarltonNorth-4 CarltonNorth-1 CarltonNorth-3 CarltonNorth-2 CarltonNorth-5

A Sunday night potluck

Last Sunday we had another potluck. You remember the last one? No? Then have a look here. Anyway. This time we headed to Alex and Heli’s place and hung out, drank some wine, ate loads of food, made weird drawings and generally had a good time.

I realised I almost didnt snap any pictures of anyone but H&A’s friends (whose names I’ve completely forgot right now – so sorry! I’m the worst at remembering pictures), just because they were across the table from me and in perfect scope.

And oh! That first one is of Eric at our place before we left for the potluck. It’s taken with flash. I’m finally getting around to learning the ins and outs of that flash, and you can expect a lot more better night time photography going forward. The excitement!

Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-1 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-3 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-2 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-7 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-9 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-8 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-11 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-13 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-15 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-5 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-4

At night at Fed Square

Apparently every year in June there’s The Light in Winter at Federation Square. It’s a bunch of artwork, events and stuff going on. Me, I don’t really have the time to do anything in-depth lately, but yesterday evening after heading home from work and a client meeting, I walked passed Fed Square to snap some pictures at least.

I love how there’s always something extra going on in Melbourne. That if you have 10 minutes over you can go a little bit out of your way and get an amazing cultural experience, or try some new food, or simply be enlightened in a new way. It adds a little bit of spice to what can otherwise be a fairly drab routine. It’s like the city’s offering sparkles to whoever wants to make their life a little more exciting, and I for one am not saying no to that.

The-Light-In-Winter-2014-Fed-Square-2 The-Light-In-Winter-2014-Fed-Square-7 The-Light-In-Winter-2014-Fed-Square-3 The-Light-In-Winter-2014-Fed-Square-8