Rarotonga wrap-up

We arrived home this morning. At 8.45am we landed, and two queuing hours later we left the airport and headed home. Well, Peter headed for the office, while I set my sights at our house. It always feels weird, coming home from a vacation. And once I’m settled back in the house, it feels like we never went. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that about 24 hours ago, we walked on a beach, eating fish and chips from a roadside diner, petting cats and reading books.

We spent 10 days there. Half of them lounging on the beach, going out snorkelling every other day or so, reading books (I finished at seven). The rest we tried to explore the island, with various success rates. Like our bike ride around the island, where we headed for a “back road”, which was essentially a smaller, less trafficked road next to the bigger one, but instead ended up 30 min into the jungle, up dirt roads and steep inclines just to end up at a water catchment area. We just turned back. Or when we were out hiking, aiming to climb a mountain and back the other side and thereby crossing the mountain. Only problem was that we climbed the wrong mountain, and first at the top spotted the peak of the mountain we were supposed to climb. Ooops! So we climbed back down, up the right mountain and down the other side, barely making it out of the jungle before the sunsets. My legs still hurt after the 7 hour trek.

Now it’s back to real life. Or real? Raro was real too. But I’m excited to get my routines in order, getting work done and creating again. Because even if it’s real nice to slouch around, after a few days I get stir-crazy and just need to do something. Like work. Oh how I’ve missed work.

Rarotonga-14 Rarotonga-3 Rarotonga-15 Rarotonga-17 Rarotonga-18 Rarotonga-9 Rarotonga-5 Rarotonga-19 Rarotonga-16 Rarotonga-24 Rarotonga-25 Rarotonga-30 Rarotonga-34 Rarotonga-35 Rarotonga-37 Rarotonga-44 Rarotonga-41 Rarotonga-43 Rarotonga-45 Rarotonga-47 Rarotonga-39 Rarotonga-46

Out of office (on a beach)

I’ve been quiet too long here. I have plenty of pictures that should go up here, but the truth is, I’ve been too busy trying to get things in order for our vacation to bother posting. Now, half-way into our vacation I need to at least share a few holiday snaps.

For now, you’ll have to settle with a few, although I’m sure you’ll think it’s plenty. I’ll pester you with a whole lot more once I get home next week.

In all honesty though, I have taken way less than I anticipated doing. I’ve been to busy reading books (finished four so far, I think I’ll go through 6 before the end of this 10 day escapade), biking around the island (and getting lost!), hiking, snorkelling almost every late afternoon while the sun sets. One morning we woke up to an intense rain storm, and we could barely make out the waves breaking at the coral reef halfway to the horizon. It was odd, intense and ongoing with cold winds, not at all tropical. We huddled up inside, read on and later that afternoon the wind slowed down, the rain stopped and we headed out snorkelling, seeing some really big fishes.

This morning it was raining still, but it stopped around mid day, and we hustled up on our bikes and headed for a hike. Note to self, going hiking on a trail that “passes through a small river twenty times” the same day the rains end might not be the the brightest idea we’ve had. We don’t regret it at all, wading through the crisp, clear water, listening to the sounds of the rainforest and befriending a cow or two.

With that said, I am going to sign up, pour myself a glass of wine and keep on reading. Cause that’s simply what I do best when on vacation. Until later!

Rarotonga-1 Rarotonga-29 Rarotonga-19 Rarotonga-16 Rarotonga-12 Rarotonga-7 Rarotonga-6 Rarotonga-3 Rarotonga-30 Rarotonga-28 Rarotonga-31 Rarotonga-36 Rarotonga-38 Rarotonga-41 Rarotonga-43 Rarotonga-00-1 Rarotonga-47 Rarotonga-00-2 Rarotonga-52 Rarotonga-54 Rarotonga-55 Rarotonga-56 Rarotonga-59 Rarotonga-61 Rarotonga-63 Rarotonga-64 Rarotonga-72 Rarotonga-83 Rarotonga-80

A jump and a skip

This weekend was the weekend I learned how close Caulfield is to where we live. I dared a little outing despite my cold, and we met up with a few friends for brunch at this cute new cafe. Afterwards, on the way to the car, we passed this amazing little alleyway and I might have forced Eric to jump, more than once. Oh well, see for yourselves. He’s got one unique jumping style, that man!

Caulfield-Eric-1 Caulfield-Eric-7 Caulfield-Eric-5 Caulfield-Eric-6 Caulfield-Eric-2 Caulfield-Eric-4 Caulfield-Eric-3

And so, two years later…

Today I stumbled onto an old blog of mine. I had forgotten that I wrote fairly regularly during our stay in Ghana and it was a bit of a rough awakening going through those short blog posts. It’s so clear I wasn’t happy. It’s so clear that I was working myself to the ground and even though I desperately wanted to change things, I simply couldn’t find a way out. In a way it makes me sad, sad that I didn’t manage to do that change earlier. But in another way it also makes me so incredibly happy that I finally, when we moved to Australia, put my foot down and said that things would change. And sure, it’s a flimsy life of a freelancer, but I’ve never been calmer, never felt so little stress, and probably never been happier in my entire life. I wouldn’t change it for anything, anything at all.


If this cold doesn’t end soon I don’t know what I will do!

I have spent the last two weeks mostly in our house and I am fed up with it. Like, really fed up with it. Everyone still says that I sound sick, but at least now I can venture outside for a few hours at a time. Yesterday I headed to Kings Domain to check out some places for photos that are due to be taken in an hour or so. For some reason I thought I should bike, which turned out to be the worst idea ever. Anyway I learnt my lesson and today I won’t be riding. But there will be photos taken, and I can’t start to explain how excited I am about that. Because the one thing that has been bugging me the most during these last couple of weeks is that I haven’t had the energy to take pictures, and boy do I miss it!

Trees-1 Trees-2


I have been quiet lately. Sure, I’ve been under the weather, but I’ve also been lazy in posting. So, to get y’all up to speed, here are some outtakes and randoms from the last couple of weeks.


Angela’s been in town! Damn, I miss that girl. We had lunch one day, and another she came by with ice cream for sicko me. So sweet! <3


Last Thursday I headed to St Kilda to the opening of a new Sri Lankan Restaurant. Read all about it on Klaus and Fritz.


One of the guys working behind the bar looked super sad. I knew this photo wouldn’t make it to the article, but it’s way too hilarious not to post anywhere!


Last weekend I met up with Emmy to take some photos for an ebook I’m working on for Klaus and Fritz. She was super relaxed and Carlton North was the perfect backdrop.


On that note, Rathdowne Village in Carlton North is like the cutest thing ever. I have totally underestimated the north in so many ways.


On a tired and sick Saturday we spent a little bit of time taking a series of awesomely fun new shots for Eric’s Tinder profile. I have no idea if the girls will like it, but we thought it was hilarious! This was the first of a 6 picture series. How do you think it ended?

Ethiopian and some video games

Oh, I just realised I forgot to share these pictures. They’re from a couple of weeks ago, when a bunch of us headed out for dinner and then some drinks at a nearby bar. Right now I’m sitting at home, on the couch coughing and not feeling that well at all, and missing this thing. All I want is to feel better and go back into the world and do things.

Anyway. Ethiopian food is good and friend’s company even better. Without further ado, here are some incredibly dark pictures:

TheHorn-1 TheHorn-2 TheHorn-3 TheHorn-4TheHorn-5 TheHorn-6 TheHorn-7 TheHorn-8 TheHorn-9 TheHorn-10 TheHorn-11 TheHorn-12 TheHorn-13 TheHorn-14 TheHorn-15 TheHorn-16