AFL Grand Final 2014

Today was the AFL Grand Final. We spent it at John’s place, eating bbq, talking and being generally depressed by the outcome. This was overcome by a leisurely game of soccer in the park next door.

The dog seen is Lady, an excited little girl we’re looking after for a week. She’s adorable.

I’d write more but I’m knackered and am going to drag myself to bed now. Over and out.

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A weekend on the Mornington Peninsula

Last weekend Peter left the house early to pick up a bright blue tiny rental car. We had a big weekend ahead of us and we packed it all up and headed east. Yes, east. Because our first stop wasn’t Mornington Peninsula, but rather an outer suburb of Melbourne, where I bought my second fancy camera. Yes, I have two now. Yes, I need it (backup at weddings etc. You can’t do gigs without a backup!).

With a new camera stuffed into the bag in the back, we sat in an Officeworks parking lot for 30 min trying to find accommodation in Mornington Peninsula. We’ve known for weeks, if not months, that we were going there this weekend, but do you think we’d planned ahead? Nah. Not at all. After 30 min we struck gold though: found a place that was available and could be booked immediately, and that was only a 15 min drive from the place we were due to show up on Sunday morning. Done!

With a detour passed our house (to pickup linens and towels) we headed southwards and ended up in a house in Somers. I had almost forgotten how much I like to get out of Melbourne, and don’t even get me started on Peter, he was ecstatic. We spent the late afternoon reading (me), doing pushups (peter), cleaning gear (me), cooking (peter) and watching the New Zealand election countdown on tv (both).

Somewhere in between we managed to take a break and go for a walk, just as the sun was starting to set. I brought my new camera to try it out. Stupidly enough I only brought the memory card that came with the camera (512 MB, like seriously? that fits nothing!) so I only managed to take a few shots before I ran out.

Oh well, if you want to see more photos from Mornington, head to Gold and Grit and have a look at the wedding I shot the day after. Such a beautiful affair!

20140920-Somers-2 20140920-Somers-1 20140920-Somers-3 20140920-Somers-7 20140920-Somers-5 20140920-Somers-4

Fantastic Fussball

Last night I ignored the remnants of a cold still stuck in my throat and headed out to meet up some friends. We spent a night playing fussball, drinking beer, eating ethiopian and well, drinking some more beer. I might have woken up with some slight remnants of last night in my head this morning, but it was totally worth it!

140919-fussball-2 140919-fussball-1 140919-fussball-6 140919-fussball-5 140919-fussball-7 140919-fussball-9 140919-fussball-8 140919-fussball-10 140919-fussball-13 140919-fussball-11 140919-fussball-12 140919-fussball-15 140919-fussball-14 140919-fussball-17