Olluu at Yah Yah!

Do you know how often I am awake past 10.30pm on a Friday? Not often I can tell you. I don’t mind it in general, but sometimes it just gets to me. Because of this predicament I was a bit on edge about heading to a see the band of a friend performing last Friday. But you know what? Turns out they were great and I wasn’t even teeny bit sleepy through the whole concert. Yay!

As usual, a camera accompanied me on the night in question, and I snapped away. Plus! A few of these photos are courtesy of Marie, cause she had more guts than me to get in closer to the band. Enjoy!

Oolluu-50 Oolluu-26 Oolluu-17 Oolluu-43 Oolluu-Collage-1 Oolluu-33 Oolluu-41 Oolluu-42 Oolluu-44 Oolluu-47 Oolluu-Collage-2 Oolluu-51 Oolluu-53 Oolluu-18 Oolluu-45 Oolluu-Collage-3 Oolluu-48 Oolluu-19 Oolluu-32 Oolluu-49 Oolluu-46 Oolluu-Collage-4 Oolluu-Collage-5 Oolluu-52 Oolluu-54

Monday List

  • So disappointed about the rain today. I so wanted to ride to the office, but that’s really not an option as there’s a huge rain cloud heading our way. Bu hu!
  • They’re not speaking as fast in Gilmore Girls as I remembered. It could also be because it’s still early on in the first season.
  • Thank god it’s Monday. This weekend requires a few days of recharging afterwards. By working.
  • There was only bread in the cupboard for breakfast so I heated one of our leftover lunch boxes instead. Twisted pasta in homemade tapenade and grilled tomatoes. Yum! Even for breakfast.
  • It’s so cold in here that I have goosebumps on my arms. All hail the almighty heater!

That’s it. I have no more inspiration.

And then it happened to be Sunday night again

Such an intense weekend! Saturday started with an inspection (rooftop terrace and pool! But bedrooms were too small), continued with a quick breakfast, then into the city for a lunch for Klaus and Fritz where the restaurant kept bringing more and more food (we got so intensely stuffed), then home, pack photography gear and head to Albert Park, shoot an incredibly cute couple + accompanying baby belly, home again, over to Eric for hangout and viewing party.

Sunday. Daylight savings. Woke up, edited some images from Saturday and sent out teaser images (one is the last one as seen below), then a bunch of us headed to Eric’s parents for a long lunch (they made African food, it was delicious! and we also painted a wall on the shed), then back home where Lady got picked up (so empty, so sad) and then dinner and talk with Nina and Asmund.

We’re now all alone, on one couch each, and both kind of tired I think. At least we have a full week to recuperate until next weekend…

Peter-in-lights-1 Peter-in-lights-2 Lady-1 Fiona-Andy-Preview-24