Lavendel Madness

We have spent this weekend in Daylesford. Oh how I love Daylesford. If you ask me it’s the perfect weekend getaway from Melbourne. Not too far off, still totally rural, with sure kangaroo spottings, leisurely afternoons and good food. We currently have Swedish visitors, so we brought the couple + their adorable little kid along for a trip to the country!

Yesterday we got into the car in the morning and headed just north of neighbourhood town Hepburn Springs to Lavendula, a Lavender farm. We wandered through the gardens and ended up with a delicious lunch in their picture perfect cafe.

The whole weekend got Peter into thinking about living in the countryside again, and me, well, I’ll settle for a monthly country outing.

Lavendula-1 Lavendula-4 Lavendula-3 Lavendula-5 Lavendula-14 Lavendula-10 Lavendula-15 Lavendula-18 Lavendula-20 Lavendula-22 Lavendula-23 Lavendula-28 Lavendula-25 Lavendula-27 Lavendula-29 Lavendula-37 Lavendula-41 Lavendula-42-1 Lavendula-47 Lavendula-32 Lavendula-34 Lavendula-59 Lavendula-60 Lavendula-56 Lavendula-55 Lavendula-64 Lavendula-66 Lavendula-67

Planning with wine

Ever tried having a work meeting with french people? I have and essentially every single meeting includes wine. Since we were trying to be creative it helped get the juices flowing. I somehow managed to snap a few pictures during it, but not long into our meeting I put it away. I never trust myself with cameras when wine is involved, and I think that’s a good thing!

LSC-Section-8-1 LSC-Section-8-2 LSC-Section-8-3 LSC-Section-8-4 LSC-Section-8-5

Sam’s birthday drinks

Seems like the only thing I’m doing recently is going to birthday drinks, right? I’m really not, but it seems like quite a few people have their birthdays now. I’m not complaining, I get great company and excuse for a drink or two.

Anyway, this was over a week ago and the birthday celebrations for Sam. Congrats again!

Sams-Birthday-1 Sams-Birthday-2 Sams-Birthday-3 Sams-Birthday-4 Sams-Birthday-5 Sams-Birthday-6

Halloween Party

I’ve actually been to two halloween parties this year. That might be some sort of record. During one of them I took the photograph taking seriously (you can see it here), and for the other one I just happy snapped a bit. And that’s what you’ll get here. Happy snaps from a short one on an amazing rooftop terrace in St Kilda last Friday. I was just a wee bit sad that I had to leave early as I needed to be fresh and awake to shoot a wedding the day after. Oh well, there’s a halloween next year as well.

Leash-Halloween-Party-1 Leash-Halloween-Party-2 Leash-Halloween-Party-3 Leash-Halloween-Party-4 Leash-Halloween-Party-5 Leash-Halloween-Party-6 Leash-Halloween-Party-7 Leash-Halloween-Party-8 Leash-Halloween-Party-9 Leash-Halloween-Party-10 Leash-Halloween-Party-11 Leash-Halloween-Party-12 Leash-Halloween-Party-13 Leash-Halloween-Party-14 Leash-Halloween-Party-15 Leash-Halloween-Party-16 Leash-Halloween-Party-17 Leash-Halloween-Party-18 Leash-Halloween-Party-19 Leash-Halloween-Party-20 Leash-Halloween-Party-21 Leash-Halloween-Party-22 Leash-Halloween-Party-23

Eric’s birthday!

It’s been busy lately. Like intensely busy. I hope it passes soon, but until it does I’m not going to update here that often. Something just has to give, and I’d rather temporarily let one of my blogs rot (just a wee bit) than not getting enough sleep.

Anyway. With that said, I’m going just to share images for a while, when I can, and probably mostly in batches. You’ll live.

This first batch is from Eric’s birthday drinks a few weeks back.

Erics-Birthday-2014-1 Erics-Birthday-2014-2 Erics-Birthday-2014-3 Erics-Birthday-2014-4 Erics-Birthday-2014-5 Erics-Birthday-2014-6 Erics-Birthday-2014-7 Erics-Birthday-2014-8 Erics-Birthday-2014-9 Erics-Birthday-2014-10 Erics-Birthday-2014-11 Erics-Birthday-2014-12 Erics-Birthday-2014-13 Erics-Birthday-2014-14 Erics-Birthday-2014-15 Erics-Birthday-2014-16 Erics-Birthday-2014-17 Erics-Birthday-2014-18 Erics-Birthday-2014-19 Erics-Birthday-2014-20 Erics-Birthday-2014-21 Erics-Birthday-2014-22