Christmas Day in the burbs

I’m posting this not in order. I have pictures from yesterday’s Christmas eve hangout, but somehow the few photos I shot today went ahead in editing. Oh well. This afternoon we headed east to the suburbs and Eric’s parents who hosted Christmas Day dinner. We were stuffed with delicious Sri Lankan food, petted the big, cuddly dog Khan, went for a walk and then stuffed us even more with dessert. I am so so so stuffed now, but that’s what Christmases should be, right? And with that said, I’m going to switch off the computer and watch a movie. Tomorrow there’s packing and then work and then we’re heading to the Mornington Peninsula for a week – I can’t wait!

Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-1 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-2 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-3 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-4 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-5 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-6 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-7 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-8 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-9 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-11 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-13 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-14 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-15 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-16 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-17 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-18 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-19 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-21 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-22 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-23

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was Christmas Eve, the day we normally celebrate Christmas in Sweden. We had some people over (more pictures to come, too early and too tired to edit any of them!) and I was making desserts. Good timing that I had a spot at a macaron tower making workshop the day before, so the fridge was stocked with delicious macarons from By Josephine. I put together a macaron tower filled with delicious macarons and decorated it with some flowers and leafs that were foraged from the back alleyway. I’m quite happy with how it turned out and it was a hit! When we got over eaten that pretty stuff, thats all…

Now I’m going back to sleep. Merry Christmas y’all!

Macaron-Tower-1 Macaron-Tower-2 Macaron-Tower-3

Death by moving

Well, the title might be ever so over dramatic, but due to the amount of tiredness today, I feel prone to being dramatic. After a week of intense prepping alongside working, yesterday was finally the day of the move. With everything packed and ready to go, the movers arrived at 8am in the morning and we got to work. 2 trucks, 4 movers, a massive amounts of stair climbs (our house is 3 stories, our bedroom on the top floor), 5 hours later we were done moving all the things. Now it’s just left to unpack, which currently feels like an unsurmountable task. But you know, I hear sleeping and not carrying things for a while might just help with those energy levels.

Due to mainly carrying things around, I didn’t snap that many pictures. I did however manage to get a couple. First off from the movers at the last stop before heading north, and then some last night when we all sat in the living room, skyped with Lani and popped open a bottle of Moet to celebrate the move. Good times!

Moving-into-Supermansion-2 Moving-into-Supermansion-1 Moving-into-Supermansion-3 Moving-into-Supermansion-4 Moving-into-Supermansion-5 Moving-into-Supermansion-6 Moving-into-Supermansion-7 Moving-into-Supermansion-8 Moving-into-Supermansion-9 Moving-into-Supermansion-10

We’re moving north (of the river)

We’re moving! But only within Melbourne. In a couple of weeks we’re moving north to the river to Carlton. We’re super excited (albeight a little bit stressed). It’ll be a big change as well as we’re moving in with our good friends Eric and Juan.

I thought I’d share the photos of the house for anyone who’s interested.

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