Stockholm Marathon + a dance show

Somehow I’ve never been to one before, despite the fact that my brother has ran them numerous times. Yesterday though, I did! Rain hung heavy in the air but we found a nook we could sit in, avoiding the drizzle and waiting for my brother to run by, while chewing on sandwiches and working on our dance moves.

In the evening we went to my niece’s dance recital. My favourite part: getting to capture that after-the-show excitement in the form of jumps in the garden next to the recital centre. We had to move away from the road (everything else was ’embarrassing’) but boy was it worth it.

I have so many more photos, but no time to edit them all. Oh well, that’s for another day. Now I’m off to go see a friend!

Mara-Dansuppvisning-1 Mara-Dansuppvisning-2 Mara-Dansuppvisning-6 Mara-Dansuppvisning-12 Mara-Dansuppvisning-14 Mara-Dansuppvisning-13

The forest and the meadow

My parents live in the burbs. But burbs here feel so much different than Sweden. At least this one. It’s so close to nature, to never ending forest and small beaches and cliffs and meadows. It required me staying away for years to fully grasp it’s awesome beauty. I have a longing now. A longing out into nature. Into walking through quiet forest, hearing the birds chirping (so many more than in Australia! It’s like a symphony) and breathing that early summer air with its distinctive smell.

To make sure I stayed awake long enough yesterday I dragged dad out for a walk through a part of the meadow + forest close by. By the time we left the house it was well past 8.30pm, and it was close to an hour later when we got back. The sky was still blue, and then sun set at the end of it, but blue hour is waay longer than an hour up here in summer. Oh how I have missed this light.

In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-4 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-3 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-1 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-11 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-2 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-7 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-9 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-13 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-12 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-15 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-19 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-21 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-20 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-17 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-23 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-24 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-26 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-25 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-28 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-27


After a 30 hour trip I arrived in Sweden at 8 am. The plan of the day: stay awake until at least 9.30pm.

My brother picked me up from the airport, we drove to our parents house. He went for a nap and I went for a jog (!?) through meadows and forest down to the water. Once all freshened up we popped into the car and headed out. One stop to get some food (Max burgers!) and then to a friend of his. He had a meeting, and I got to cuddle and hang out with two cats. Below you can see Rosen. He’s cross eyed and one of the darndest cutest things I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Elins-kissar-8 Elins-kissar-5 Elins-kissar-6 Elins-kissar-7

Two months in four days

I haven’t been in Sweden in a year and a half. It doesn’t feel like all that long, but it is. And on Thursday I’ll board a plane and head north, far north. Home. I’ll spend two months overseas seeing friends and family, celebrating my mums birthday, hugging all my close friends I’ve missed like crazy, hanging out with my niece and nephew, shoot a wedding in the middle, and then celebrate midsummer (my best Swedish holiday!) in the lush Swedish countryside.

And I can’t wait. Where I used to be stressed about having time for it all, this time I’m seeing it all in a different light. Sweden is no longer where I live. I’m still Swedish and in a way I’m coming home, but I’m more of a tourist than I’ve ever been. And that excites me. I want to re-discover my home country. Go to the archipelago. Have lunch at delicious restaurants. Walk the streets of old towns and ride fast fast fast on a bicycle on a gravel path in the countryside.

Three more days until I’m on that plane. Four more until I’m there. The countdown has begun.

HHD-Swe-Stockholm HHD-Swe-JagTyra HHD-Swe-Happis HHD-Swe-Bad HHD-Swe-Landskap

Behind the scenes


This photo was taken yesterday evening, just a few minutes before sunset. Surrounded by fields and sheep we had spent the afternoon faking a wedding, and getting the most exquisite photos. It’s days like this I live for. I crave them. Days when I’m crawling on the ground to get shots through grass, leaving big dirt stains on my jeans – even ripping them, finding the best angle, the best shot, is when I feel the best. I’m focused. My mind is clear. Everything else melts away, and nothing outside the shoot exists.

We left the paddock when the sun set and darkness poured in. When I got back to Melbourne I had a long, hot, shower, followed by a never ending adrenalin high. I thought I had lost that high, as I haven’t experienced it in a while. But it turns out, I just needed the right kind of shoot. And boy was this one.

I wish I could share more of the photos, but alas, we might be trying to get magazine submissions with this one, and therefore it can’t be spread. I’ll give you one sneak peek though (cause I’m too excited and have already sneaked it into Facebook & Instagram) cause I can’t stop myself.


It’s alive!

I haven’t written here in ages. Somehow, I haven’t had the creative energy to do it. Ever since last August, it has all been about my photography business (Gold and Grit). I have loved every single minute of it, and I’m still loving it, but in the last couple of weeks I have been more and more feeling like I need to find a hobby. Need to find another creative outlet that isn’t photography. Because what used to be me enjoying a wee bit of an edit at night, from some silly photos with friends, is me now spending full days editing weddings and styled shoots and whatnot.

I have been thinking about crocheting again. Or finishing that knitted throw I was doing. Or maybe a big puzzle. But I think that will have to wait a couple of months, because on Thursday next week, I head to Europe to see friends and family for a couple of months.

But a trip is a good a reason as any to start blogging again, is it not? I think it might be. So hello Hey Hey Delicious. I want to pickup our friendship, right where I left it off.

And with that I’ll leave you all with the cutest little derp dog I met on top of a tiny mountain in the middle of Vietnam.