Long Street Coffee Love

I’ve spent quite a bit of time at Long Street Coffee since getting back to Melbourne. It’s run by two friends of mine, Jane and Francois, and it’s oh so awesome. It’s not just pretty, serving up some smashing coffee (and chais!) along with delicious food, it does good too. They’re employing refugees and training them so they can jobs in the hospitality business. What’s not to love about it?

I might have been there 4 times last week, and maybe once already this week. You can’t blame me though, it’s oh so lovely!

If you’re in the area, pass by 45 Little Hoddle Street, or check them out on Facebook. xx

LongStreet-Batch2-4 LongStreet-Batch2-12 LongStreet-Batch1-4 LongStreet-Batch1-1 LongStreet-Batch1-16 LongStreet-Batch1-5 LongStreet-Batch1-14 LongStreet-Batch3-6 LongStreet-Batch1-2

And then life happened

I always think ‘It’s just been a week or so’ since I last posted. And then I check. And it’s been like a month. Every time the same story: I want to post more and start getting into the groove, and then life happens.

This time I headed back home, back to Melbourne. One suitcase made it, one didn’t. The one I got had all my dirty laundry. The one I didn’t all my new things and pretty much all my memory cards. Then work happened. I’ve been back home for just a bit more than a week and a half and have fitted in one wedding, one styled shoot, one engagement shoot, one event coverage, some styled food photos and location photos for Long Street Coffee, along with five client meetings. And not to mention trying to catch up with friends. It’s been a hectic few weeks but it’s been good. And this week is almost as crazy, but hey, you won’t hear me complaining.

And with that said I’ll leave y’all with a photo from yesterdays styled family shoot (so cute! so amazing!) before throwing myself back into culling wedding photos.