Last Saturday me and Peter left Melbourne for an outing. We headed north, stopped in Woodend for some lunch and beers at our favourite little brewery – Holgate, before continuing a bit further and ending up in Kyneton which turned out to be an amazingly cute little town, albeit really really empty. But so many textures!

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We had to head back fairly early: I had an evening Skype conversation booked with a bride and groom in Sweden. Same thing on the Sunday: I managed to meet 3 couples in 5 hours. Intense but oh so lovely. I always say I have the best clients, but it’s so true!

Afterwards Angela came by and picked me up and we went to a multicultural festival. 75 food stalls and we went a little bit bananas. After our third food purchase it started raining and we left the area, found a big ‘ol tree to sit under and saw this outstanding sunset + rainbow while chewing on raclette. Can’t ask for a better way to end a Sunday night, right?