30 questions + 30 answers


Where is your mobile phone?
Right next to me, as always. As a business owner I need to be on top of my emails. Well I try to be at least. It’s on silent though, always on silent, but I’m more attuned to the buzzing than the signal nowadays.


Where is your partner?
At work I suppose? We work a couple of blocks from each other but rarely see each other during the day.

Your hair?
Newly washed and almost dry. Which means oh so flat.

Your mood?
A little bit tired and not super motivated, but quite good? I would give it a 7 out of 10. This is about as bad as it gets for me nowadays. Turns out working with something you absolutely love make things a lot easier.

Your plan for the day?
Work work work for a few hours more and try to get on top of stuff before the clock hits 3-4 and I’ll have some wine with peeps in the office. Then 5.30 meeting friends for some more drinks and a bit and who knows after that? I’ll need to be able to get up early tomorrow though, as there are Farmers Market plans.

The best thing you know?
Being in the flow while photographing. Hanging out with my favourite people. Eating amazing food. Travelling and making yourself comfortable in a new place. Having a regular spot where they know exactly what you want. Massages. Furry animals who want to cuddle. Getting things done.

Your dream last night?
I was going to shoot a wedding but overslept (to 2pm?! That’s never happened. I love sleeping, but not that much) and then couldn’t find someone to drive me there, then couldn’t find the couple on the festival area (yep, at a festival!) where they were supposed to get hitched. I suppose dream me stresses out about shooting weddings. Awake me is actually quite relaxed about it all. Everything always works out!

Your plan in life?
First step: find a good work-life balance. Second step: Balance it so well that I can spend some time in Europe and see my family and friends every year. Third step: Balance it even better so that I can take a few months off every year and focus on helping out organisations in Africa, or starting my own. I want to love what I do, but also do good.

The room you’re in now?
I am sitting at my desk in my shared office smack in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD. I can hear other people having conversations, as well as vague singing from a busker on Bourke Street. He must have a hell of a speaker.

Your hobby?
This used to be photography and since that now is work I’m looking for a new. In the last week I’ve been taking up knitting again, having dance parties in our bedroom and learning macramé. Oh! And throwing parties. That is totally a hobby, right? I take it dead serious!

Your fear?
Death. Always death. I like to be in control and well, death is the ultimate non-control item out there

Who do you want to be in six years?
In six years I’ll be 38 and I’d want to be a good person. Doing stuff I love and having room to help others. What I’m practically doing I don’t know. I used to have all these life plans and they all got stuffed up (or turned out to be not what I wanted at all) so I stopped planning and started making the most of right now.

Where were you yesterday night?
Out with a friend. We were going for a walk which ended up with coffee, some wine, dinner and a walk back hours later. It was lovely. I have oh so missed here.

What are you not?
I am not afraid of doing new things or taking on new challenges. I’m a problem solver, idea maker and awesome doer.

One thing you wish for?
Finding a hobby that I love, and oh! I want to find a way to exercise that I don’t find really boring. I don’t hate exercising per se, just the activities. I grow bored and can’t motivate me. Haven’t been able to since this one instructor in Sweden ages ago that was oh so hilarious. He made it fun and I miss that. And: to stop being afraid of little insects and spiders and critters so I can actually maintain my little potted garden.

Where did you grow up?
Mostly in a north western suburb of Stockholm. Two years as a kid my family lived in Ethiopia though. That was oh so important for me and I’m forever thankful for that. Those two years have been more formative to me and my self than the rest of the years outside Stockholm.

What was the last thing you did?
Bike to the office? Edit some photos? Respond to emails? All of those things.

Your TV?
We don’t own one, but our housemates have one each. I don’t know how to use it. Actually, I refuse to learn. I do netflix on my laptop though.


Your pets?
Are non existent. That makes me sad. I want a dog. Although: Can I count Ella? Our cat from back when we lived in Sweden. She now happily resides with my brother and his family.

Your computer?
A Macbook Pro that will be exchanged for another MacBook Pro this weekend. Yay!

The best thing you own? 
My cameras. My lenses. My computer. Everything that helps me create my photos.


Are you missing someone?
Yep. Friends + family from back home. Move over here, please?

Your car?
I don’t have one. I have a bike. It’s awesome. I plan on getting a car in the next year though, as I’ll need it for work. For now I just borrow my housemates black little Ford something.

Something you wouldn’t wear:
Geez, a lot. Anything that would show midriff? I love it on other people, but nah, not on me.

Favourite store?
Dangit, don’t know? No one that stands out all that much? I try not to shop that much either.


Your winter? (this is a Swedish list, so that was ‘summer’ initially. But we’re down under here!)
Was quite summery. I spent 2 months in Europe living out of a suitcase. It was lovely, but quite stressful. I’ve been back a month and it already feels like I’ve had too much of a winter now. I am oh so ready for summer!

Do you love someone?
Of course I do!

Favourite colour?
Not a colour but black, greys and white mainly. Also light woods (hello plywood!), nudes, yellows and coral.

When was the last time you laughed? 
Probably yesterday talking about something funny with Angela over dinner? Before that: talking smack with Sarah and Lucy at the office.

When was the last time you cried?
I can’t remember. No seriously, I can’t. I’m sure I’ve cried at some point since getting back but nah. All lost. I remember crying in June after having a fight with my brother over a couple of days. I start crying when I get mad. It’s not a great trait.


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