Lavendel Madness

We have spent this weekend in Daylesford. Oh how I love Daylesford. If you ask me it’s the perfect weekend getaway from Melbourne. Not too far off, still totally rural, with sure kangaroo spottings, leisurely afternoons and good food. We currently have Swedish visitors, so we brought the couple + their adorable little kid along for a trip to the country!

Yesterday we got into the car in the morning and headed just north of neighbourhood town Hepburn Springs to Lavendula, a Lavender farm. We wandered through the gardens and ended up with a delicious lunch in their picture perfect cafe.

The whole weekend got Peter into thinking about living in the countryside again, and me, well, I’ll settle for a monthly country outing.

Lavendula-1 Lavendula-4 Lavendula-3 Lavendula-5 Lavendula-14 Lavendula-10 Lavendula-15 Lavendula-18 Lavendula-20 Lavendula-22 Lavendula-23 Lavendula-28 Lavendula-25 Lavendula-27 Lavendula-29 Lavendula-37 Lavendula-41 Lavendula-42-1 Lavendula-47 Lavendula-32 Lavendula-34 Lavendula-59 Lavendula-60 Lavendula-56 Lavendula-55 Lavendula-64 Lavendula-66 Lavendula-67

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