A Daylesford Weekend / Saturday Morning

We woke up to clear blue skies, so very different from the dark, foggy and rainy Friday we had had. The morning was spent on the sunny porch, talking, playing guitar and getting our nails done, until it was time for breakfast. Eaten outside, of course!

Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-2 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-14 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-3 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-Collage-1 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-7 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-Collage-2 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-18 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-15 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-16 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-25 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-28 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-31 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-32 Daylesford-2-SaturdayMorning-13

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