A Drive Down the Limestone Coast

Early Monday morning Peter got himself on an airplane and headed back to Melbourne. Me and dad on the other hand slept a couple of hours more, after we crammed ourselves into the car and headed south. The plan was to drive back to Melbourne over a couple of days.

Our first stop on the journey was Hahndorf, a small village outside Adelaide that has a very strong German heritage. It’s like walking into a little German town, really. We were there quite early, and on a Monday morning as well, so barely anything was open. We took a stroll up and down the main street, peeking in windows and contemplating if autumn really was here.

After that we headed towards the coast. The plan was to drive down the scenic Limestone coast. Ohmy it was flat heading there. Just when we got to the water there was a sign towards a lookout, so we left the main road and headed down an unpaved path. During the few km to the lookout we managed to see a few emus, birds and plenty weird, but cute lizards. Once down at the lookout we checked out the view and wandered the beach.

Then it was time for lunch. We drove to Kingston SE and found a little cafe. It didn’t look all that amazing, but my, the food was good. Lucky us that we managed to stop 2 minutes before they closed for lunch orders!

Since the theme of the day was beach, we walked down this one as well. Right next to the beach was a beautiful old lighthouse. Once we were fed up with sand and fresh air, we got back into the car and headed to the stop for the night: Mt Gambier. But I’ve already crammed too many images into this post, so that’ll be for tomorrow.

Adelaide-Day4-11 Adelaide-Day4-Collage-2 Adelaide-Day4-4 Adelaide-Day4-Collage-3 Adelaide-Day4-16 Adelaide-Day4-19 Adelaide-Day4-22 Adelaide-Day4-Collage-4 Adelaide-Day4-29 Adelaide-Day4-Collage-5 Adelaide-Day4-36 Adelaide-Day4-24 Adelaide-Day4-40 Adelaide-Day4-41 Adelaide-Day4-42 Adelaide-Day4-Collage-6 Adelaide-Day4-48 Adelaide-Day4-57

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