A jewellery viewing and a birthday party

Ohmy, this was one intense weekend. My butt is now glued to the couch, and I’m looking forward to a week of going back to normal, and possibly relaxing a bit in the evenings. Although, to be honest, I don’t think there will be that much relaxing going on, as I’m preparing to shoot my first wedding next weekend. All exciting though!

I wanted to share a few snaps from the weekend past. First a sneak peek of the jewellery launch for a friend of mine, which I helped shoot for and help setup the, well, set. It’s only just a peek, as they will be used by her later, and I can’t out it all beforehand, right?

After the jewellery launch we headed to Wheeler’s Hill to celebrate Zoran’s birthday. Somehow we ended up on the floor in the living room, playing Monopoly. Quite something at a party, eh?

Today I headed north and did a small portrait shoot for Klaus & Fritz. Once that was done Peter & Eric picked me up and we headed to Brunchwick (formally known as Brunswick) for food intake at East Elevation. It was quite a wait, but boy was it worth it. I’d say my dish ended up at the top 5 mushroom foodie experiences I’ve had in Melbourne, and since I’m a sucker for mushrooms, that’s saying a lot.

And before I placed myself on this couch I met up with another couple for a coffee to discuss their wedding I’m shooting in September. But now, now I’m gonna close down my email, Lightroom and browser, and just zone out and watch a really bad tv show. The luxury!

Paname-Launch-10 Paname-Launch-23 Zoran-Birthday-19 Zoran-Birthday-Collage-1 Zoran-Birthday-Collage-2 Zoran-Birthday-Collage-3 Zoran-Birthday-Collage-4 Clare-Sandra-1 Clare-Sandra-2 Clare-Sandra-3 Brunchwick-7 Brunchwick-2 Brunchwick-0-Collage-1 Brunchwick-1 Brunchwick-0-Collage-2 Brunchwick-4

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