A Saturday afternoon in Daylesford

So, turns out I forgot to post all of the pictures from the weekend in Daylesford a few weeks ago. I have posted about it before here and here. Today I’m sharing the rest of the images from the Saturday afternoon and evening. We went into Daylesford for the day, went to antique shoppes and then went to some of the (foul tasting) mineral springs, where we attempted to take some group shots.

The evening ended with a few of us heading to Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa, where we lounged in heated mineral pools and saunas for a few hours, before heading back to the house and having a delicious meal with the rest of the lot. Aww, so nice.

Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-3 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-5 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-8 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-6 Daylesford-Collage-1 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-12 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-11 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-17 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-14 Daylesford-Collage-3 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-25 Daylesford-Collage-2 Daylesford-Collage-4 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-28 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-29 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-32 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-33 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-34 Daylesford-Collage-5 Daylesford-2-SaturdayArvo+Evening-50

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