A (silly) watermelon brunch and some spray paint

Heeey, I forgot to post these, which is essentially just a silly ol’ mix of pictures from an ever-crazier watermelon brunch we had at our place last weekend. We ate, we drank, we spraypainted masks. And oh, we made loads and loads of silly faces. More brunches like this, please!

Watermelon-Day-4 Watermelon-Day-5 Watermelon-Day-0-Collage-10 Watermelon-Day-0-Collage-9 Watermelon-Day-0-Collage-5 Watermelon-Day-0-Collage-7Watermelon-Day-0-Collage-4 Watermelon-Day-0-Collage-3 Watermelon-Day-0-Collage-1 Watermelon-Day-25 Watermelon-Day-0-Collage-2 Watermelon-Day-26

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