A Sunday night potluck

Last Sunday we had another potluck. You remember the last one? No? Then have a look here. Anyway. This time we headed to Alex and Heli’s place and hung out, drank some wine, ate loads of food, made weird drawings and generally had a good time.

I realised I almost didnt snap any pictures of anyone but H&A’s friends (whose names I’ve completely forgot right now – so sorry! I’m the worst at remembering pictures), just because they were across the table from me and in perfect scope.

And oh! That first one is of Eric at our place before we left for the potluck. It’s taken with flash. I’m finally getting around to learning the ins and outs of that flash, and you can expect a lot more better night time photography going forward. The excitement!

Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-1 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-3 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-2 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-7 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-9 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-8 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-11 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-13 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-15 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-5 Potluck-at-Alex-Helis-4

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