A tuesday nibbling on ‘mazing mock meat at Sweet Water Inn

On Tuesday Angela came over to my place. The plan was to craft, but safe to say we failed quite miserably. The backup plan was to head to No Lights No Lycra, but you know what? We missed that one as well. Plan C was to go somewhere and eat. This we didn’t fail.


Say hi to Angela!


She took me to Sweet Water Inn. I was completely famished.


We sat down at the bar counter, ordering a beer each, our food and waiting for a table.




The place looked gritty and great, and the staff were all incredibly hipster. Incredibly.



<3 the corrugated sheets that covered the walls.



Then we got the food. Sweet Water Inn has the most¬†amazing fake meat. Seriously? It was mouthwatering and I don’t ever want to eat anywhere else. I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the options, because if they’re even remotely close to the vegan ribs, then it will be among the best food I’ve ever had. Yes, it’s that good.

Once we finished it all, downed the beer and talked ourselves a bit tired, we walked back home.

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