Adelaide – Day 2 – Food in a bad mood

So, I woke up on the wrong side day 2 in Adelaide. Like, really. I was profoundly annoyed for no good reason. Hence, there are very few images from this day. In short, we went up, went out for lunch at a vegan cafe (then back to Cafe Troppo for some wine + reading). Dad had wandered his separate way and me and Peter met up with him and did Rundle Mall (and buying stuff for my mum) before having a beer or two. After a brief evening recess in the hotel room we went out for one fancy dinner, to which I didn’t bring my camera. I know – it’s shocking, but it happens!

Adelaide-Day2-Collage-1 Adelaide-Day2-4 Adelaide-Day2-6 Adelaide-Day2-7 Adelaide-Day2-8 Adelaide-Day2-Collage-2

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