Adelaide – Day 3 – Brunch + Wine + Furry Friends

Sunday morning Peter and dad went out to pick up a car. We were going to Barossa for the day. But before you can start drinking wine, you need to make sure you’ve had a solid breakfast, so we headed to Lani’s suggestion Bar 9. All I can say is: Oh. My. Oh. It was frigging amazing. Only let down was that they’d run out of chai for the lattes, so I had to go for a regular tea. Oh well, I’ve been through worse.

Filled up we headed north and then east and ended up in Tanunda. I barely took a picture at our first winery, but managed to snap a few at Chateau Tanunda where we had two tastings (they invite small scale vineyards to do tastings at their place every weekend), walk around and have a delicious cheese platter. We tried to squeeze in Penfolds as well, as my dad was a bit obsessed with them, but we got there, saw the masses around their tasting area and left. Peter wasn’t feeling to well at this point, so he waited outside, reading and contemplating.

We took the scenic route back, on smaller roads, through rolling hills and beautiful landscapes. We stopped at a couple of places to take in the view, and at one point to say hello to some furry friends.

Adelaide-Day3-1 Adelaide-Day3-Collage-1 Adelaide-Day3-9 Adelaide-Day3-12 Adelaide-Day3-11 Adelaide-Day3-36 Adelaide-Day3-19 Adelaide-Day3-20 Adelaide-Day3-25 Adelaide-Day3-28 Adelaide-Day3-Collage-2 Adelaide-Day3-39 Adelaide-Day3-38 Adelaide-Day3-46 Adelaide-Day3-52 Adelaide-Day3-50 Adelaide-Day3-56

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