All good things come in threes

I promise, this is the last post from the photo day on Saturday. I know I’m crap at selecting only a few pictures, but hey, no one is forcing you to look at this. And third’s the charm, right? And this is the third post. After this, it is finito!


You didn’t expect a cowboy to come galloping by? Well, neither did we. But he did, several times.

1310_Top5Views-7 1310_Top5Views-10 1310_Top5Views-11 1310_Top5Views-17 1310_Top5Views-21 1310_Top5Views-26 1310_Top5Views-27 1310_Top5Views-28 The last image from Saturday, and possibly the one I will treasure FOREVER is this one. This is the best piece of mediocre art I think I can ever achieve. Stills of glass pieces. How poetic, right? Or rather, how utterly mediocre.


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