An evening in Bendigo

Random road trips might be one of my most favourite activities. I especially like going to places I never been before and know nothing about. When I was in uni I was always talking about going to this place called Pålsboda. I got kind of obsessed with it but never went. Then a few years ago a couple of friends brought me along on a surprise road trip there. Pålsboda itself was incredibly bland, but the trip itself was a bundle of laughs.

Anyway, I’m digressing. Our road trip last weekend we didn’t head to an odd place in Sweden, we went to Bendigo.


Before reaching Bendigo you have to go through Kangaroo Flat. This place has more than a great name – we found a hot jam donut bus. Of course – we had to stop and sample because I’ve actually never tasted it before.




Say hi to our donut company.



You guessed it, it was soo good.



We stowed ourselves back in the car again and drove the last bit to Bendigo. Hi there big house!



Nina was sitting in the backseat being all photogenic. And I managed to get what she called Rembrandt light. Safe to say, I felt very professional.



We had forgotten to pick cash, so we stopped at a bank and hung out there (?! I know, weird) at the ATM for a while.



Before stopping by Wine Bank for a coffee and a Sauvignon Blanc.




Then off to the main attraction – Bendigo Art Gallery!




And in we went!



This was what was opening and what we came to see.



For some weird kind of reason they had placed all the food stuff, wine and what not in a hallway far far away from the exhibition. And pretty much the only other room people where in was the Experimenta one. We took the opportunity to roam the halls and and look at the art. It felt odd doing it in so empty rooms. 130909-Bendigo-14


The TV furthest away on the left wall was Nina’s video. It felt both magical and impressive seeing a friends work in such an impressive place. 130909-Bendigo-15


When the place closed we had to go check out the 10-15 trees that were in full bloom just outside the art gallery. It was magical. 130909-Bendigo-16





Before heading back home we needed some grub. Peter found a thai place a few blocks away and we headed over. It was super cute and the food yummy. We were so hungry we practically inhaled it.





Then we went back to the car and drove back to Melbourne while talking, listening to music and watching the starry skies. Such a great way to spend a Saturday evening.

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