And then there were mountains

A couple of weeks back we went to the Grampians for a long weekend. Peter filmed, I took a few photos, and mainly we walked, saw lots and lots of kangaroos and had prosecco. Oh and it was cold. So freaking cold.
Grampians_2017_7 Grampians_2017_8 Grampians_2017_9 Grampians_2017_10 Grampians_2017_11 Grampians_2017_12 Grampians_2017_13 Grampians_2017_14 Grampians_2017_15 Grampians_2017_16 Grampians_2017_17 Grampians_2017_18 Grampians_2017_19 Grampians_2017_20 Grampians_2017_21 Grampians_2017_22 Grampians_2017_23 Grampians_2017_24 Grampians_2017_25 Grampians_2017_26 Grampians_2017_27 Grampians_2017_28 Grampians_2017_29 Grampians_2017_30

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