Angela’s Good Bye Lunch

A couple of weeks ago Angela moved from Melbourne to Mildura. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit crazy, but people have done crazier things for love. Anyhow. Her last day in Melbs, a few of us rocked up for a fancy lunch break, chumming down food at new eatery Supernormal. I, of course, brought a camera to this occasion.

Afterwards people headed back to their offices. Me on the other hand, had fired myself before lunch (just to rehire me later with a slightly less beneficial contract) so I could spend a bit more time with her before she left. We headed a few streets north and spent another hour talking over Angela’s favourite dessert – the banana date soufflĂ© at Napoli. Delish. It was a long and sweet ending to this part of our friendship. It’s only been about 8 months since we really started hanging out, but after that it’s been a bit like a ride at a fair ground – intense, exhilarating and awesome. I’ll miss those random glasses of wines, brunches and weird ideas. Although, Mildy’s only a 7 hour drive away…

Supernormal-1 Supernormal-2 Supernormal-5 Supernormal-3 Supernormal-4 Supernormal-7 Supernormal-11 Supernormal-Hari Supernormal-12 Neapoli-1 Neapoli-2

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