At night at Fed Square

Apparently every year in June there’s The Light in Winter at Federation Square. It’s a bunch of artwork, events and stuff going on. Me, I don’t really have the time to do anything in-depth lately, but yesterday evening after heading home from work and a client meeting, I walked passed Fed Square to snap some pictures at least.

I love how there’s always something extra going on in Melbourne. That if you have 10 minutes over you can go a little bit out of your way and get an amazing cultural experience, or try some new food, or simply be enlightened in a new way. It adds a little bit of spice to what can otherwise be a fairly drab routine. It’s like the city’s offering sparkles to whoever wants to make their life a little more exciting, and I for one am not saying no to that.

The-Light-In-Winter-2014-Fed-Square-2 The-Light-In-Winter-2014-Fed-Square-7 The-Light-In-Winter-2014-Fed-Square-3 The-Light-In-Winter-2014-Fed-Square-8

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