Autumn BBQ along the Yarra

Last weekend we had impromptu house guests. I’ll give you a hint, there were two of them, they were small and furry and the snore like full grown men. It was 34 hours of autumn walks, playing fetch and cuddling like crazy. Oh, I so want to get one of our own. But that’ll have to wait until this spring and after our permanent residency applications.

On Saturday we brought them along to a barbecue along the Yarra River with a few friends. We had hoped for some sunshine, but we lucked out. At least it wasn’t raining and it was decently heated. We stayed there until dark, when we packed up, drove home and dropped the dogs off and went to Sweetwater Inn for some drinks and more food. Although I didn’t bring my camera, so of that there is no proof.

PS. The name of the dogs are Scooter and Chloe. Chloe’s the one in most of these pictures, Scooter is the slightly more dense one. Both are awfully cute though. DS.

03-BBQ-3 03-BBQ-5 03-BBQ-7 03-BBQ-8 03-BBQ-9 03-BBQ-11 03-BBQ-10 03-BBQ-1 03-BBQ-13 03-BBQ-12

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