Behind the scenes


This photo was taken yesterday evening, just a few minutes before sunset. Surrounded by fields and sheep we had spent the afternoon faking a wedding, and getting the most exquisite photos. It’s days like this I live for. I crave them. Days when I’m crawling on the ground to get shots through grass, leaving big dirt stains on my jeans – even ripping them, finding the best angle, the best shot, is when I feel the best. I’m focused. My mind is clear. Everything else melts away, and nothing outside the shoot exists.

We left the paddock when the sun set and darkness poured in. When I got back to Melbourne I had a long, hot, shower, followed by a never ending adrenalin high. I thought I had lost that high, as I haven’t experienced it in a while. But it turns out, I just needed the right kind of shoot. And boy was this one.

I wish I could share more of the photos, but alas, we might be trying to get magazine submissions with this one, and therefore it can’t be spread. I’ll give you one sneak peek though (cause I’m too excited and have already sneaked it into Facebook & Instagram) cause I can’t stop myself.


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