Between an end a new beginning

I forgot that Sweden is so gray during winter. These images were snapped during one of the brief hours of light the other day. I was visiting Peter’s family up north.



It starts to get light outside at about 10am, the sun rises (ever so slightly) above the horizon at about 11am. This is sunrise people.

2013 is coming to an end and I’m way too tired + busy to try to summarize it all. It has been a roller coaster, in a great way. It started with family visiting in Australia and will end with family in Sweden. In between we’ve managed to visit a few countries, different parts of Oz, find new friends and get closer to some, find routines and I got myself a new office. It’s been a year of settling, and now I feel I’m in a place that I really love. I can only hope that 2014 will be even close to as great as 2013 has been.

See you all on the other side of the new year!



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