Big Day In – Part 1 – Preparations

Last weekend was an intense but oh so memorable one. On Friday there was this festival in Melbourne – Big Day Out. A bunch of us wanted to go, but it was on a regular work day plus kind of expensive so we decided to do our own thing – Big Day In.

We invited a bunch of people and asked them to pick bands from the festival, do their setlists and then have ‘shows’ throughout the evening. I went along and made entrance wristbands, staff badges and VIP badges, because yes, we did have a VIP room with limited access. Oh, and did I mention there was a relaxation tent in our backyard?

Best part of the night was at 5pm and 9pm. Peter and Eric had rehearsed the week before and played songs that we all were singing along to. Everyone was singing to their hearts content and it was all kinds of awesome.

I’ve always been a big fan of throwing theme parties, but this might have been the most ambitious one of them all. It wasn’t all that fun cleaning up the day after, but you know what? It was totally worth it. 12 hours of dancing, talking, laughing, doing silly stuff, with a bunch of people that were nothing less than awesome.

These pictures are snaps from the day of the party, but before it began. There’ll be another post with snaps from the party itself, followed by a video (just need to edit it!)


Daisy was part of the prep team. She was jamming a little bit.

140128_DaisyJamming-3 140128_NBHDNeanderthal-7

Then we got all hungry and headed to NBHD Neanderthal for some breakfast. Say hi to Eric + Peter.


Someone else was there too, and she got all excited about the food on our plates.




I love NBHD Neanderthal. It’s like our standard joint around here. So casual, just perfect for whenever really.



When we finished eating we left NBHD for a bit of shopping. We needed to get odd bits like cable stuff for speakers, extra plastic cups (cause you’re not allowed to drink out of anything else at parties!) and glow sticks (because, eh, yeah, someone said we needed them?).


On the way back we stopped at a fountain for a drink.


And then we were prepping the house. Daisy tried to help by trotting around the house, following us, being as adorable as always.

Soon thereafter the festivities began. But more about that tomorrow.

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