Pasta to the rescue

This is always my fall-back lunch recipe whenever I work from home and we have “nothing” at home. Ingredients include pasta and then pretty much everything tasty in the fridge, in this case:

  • Pasta, I always prefer linguini
  • Fresh organic spinach
  • Red onion and some garlic
  • Tomato
  • Asparagus
  • Mozzarella and
  • Parmesan



Cooking it is simple. Start by boiling water in a pan and put in the pasta (duh). While the water is heating/pasta cooking prep the rest. Chop the onion and garlic and fry in a pan until golden. Clean and chop the rest of the veggies, throw them in and just stir around occasionally.

Is the pasta done yet? If so, pour out the water and add the pasta to the stuff in the pan. Throw in that mozzarella as well and stir around until the cheese starts to melt. Place on plate, sprinkle some parmesan and devour!




We’ve been on a budget the last week (house = high electricity costs during cold weather. Who would have guessed?) which means there’s been a whole lot of cooking going on at home. Ok, that made it sound all good, but truth be told, it hasn’t been all that amazing.

So, in between slightly depressing home cooked meals, I managed to squeeze in these tasty treats. Oh so worth it.



Lemon poppy doughnut from Doughboys Doughnuts Pop-Up Store. I’m not a big doughnut fan, but this treat was fan-freaking-tastic. Best eaten with chopsticks. So going back for seconds (and thirds and fourths…) this week. I think I might drag every single friend I have here at some points, just for an excuse to chump down some more doughnuts.

131101-Food-2 131101-Food-1

When your kinda broke, it’s really great to have a friend that owes you a bit of money. I tend to forget that, so when my fellow Klaus and Fritz founder reminded me that I had a bit of outstanding dept to collect, I was quick to want to go to lunch. I had the most scrumptious truffle corn mushroom quesadillas. Also, there were cinnamon rolls, but I was too quick eating mine to remember to take a picture. Oh well, take my word for it – so good.


Today I had a silly amount of work. At least up until about 2pm, when I finally took a break, went for a walk and got the most decadent ice cream I think I’ve ever had. Two scoops of Ben & Jerrys in a cone dipped in Oreos. Oh yeah, it’s completely over the top and totes fabulous.

Yes, I have a sweet tooth. So sue me.

A glass of breakfast

I’m a creature of habit. When I’ve found a restaurant I like, I always want to go back, sit in the exact same spot and order the exactly same thing. It might sound boring, but for me it isn’t. But there is a limit to my habit mania. Breakfast. For quite some time now my standard breakfast is two eggs and five strawberries (fun side note; on a plate that allows you to set up a perfect smiley face). It’s fast, good enough and keeps me full until lunch.

But after two months of nothing but this, I’m bored. And since I started going to an office in the morning, I wanted something super fast, super simple, and of course, absolutely delicious.

With all that said, say hi to my new standard breakfast. It isn’t all that exciting, but it’s simple and fan-frigging-tastic.

131028-YoghurtPioner-2 131028-YoghurtPioner-1

Natural greek yoghurt, Carman’s Clusters (Cranberry and Apple), and some fresh fruit. Preferably eaten in a glass so you can enjoy the pretty layers.

In the mood for a Swedish pizza?

In Templestowe outside of Melbourne there’s this place that does Swedish pizza. Yes, you read it right, I’m not making this up. I never really compared Swedish pizza to, well, other pizza, but having it the other day actually made me see the difference. It’s only slight, I’ll give you that, and I would sum it up in three things; thin crust, bigger than your normal pizza here and canned contents.

The latter might not sound all that exciting, but somehow I kind of prefer it that way. I might be biased though, this is the kind of pizza I’ve eaten since childhood.

Also! Swedish pizza salad. It’s pretty much cabbage in vinegar, but absolutely delicious. And makes you feel kinda healthy. Well, not really, but at least a wee bit.



131027-SwedishPizza-6 131027-SwedishPizza-8

 Check out their website for more info, should you want your own Swedish pizza. Yum!