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School’s out!

Yesterday my niece’s summer vacation started. There were songs being sung, talks being talked and afterwards I was forced into an impromptu photo shoot with her and a friend. Not that you heard me complaining…


Jessica & Joel

I shot my first Swedish wedding last weekend. These two, let me tell you, are darn adorable. They had a small ceremony with a few select friends and family, after which we wandered the streets of Örebro and took some rad portraits. I just couldn’t help myself from sharing.

Jessica-Joel-SneakPeeks-1 Jessica-Joel-SneakPeeks-2 Jessica-Joel-SneakPeeks-3 Jessica-Joel-SneakPeeks-10

Sunshine, a dash of rain, a museum and an amazing friend

Sundays are best spent with Elin. Walking through the city, wandering a museum, having lunch and enjoying a glass or two of prosecco, all while chatting away, like it was a week since we last saw each other, not a year and a half. Note to self: make this happen. Come back every summer for an extended amount of time cause I need more of this. More time with the amazing people I know.

Elin-Moderna-Museet-7 Elin-Moderna-Museet-9 Elin-Moderna-Museet-8 Elin-Moderna-Museet-2 Elin-Moderna-Museet-3 Elin-Moderna-Museet-4 Elin-Moderna-Museet-5 Elin-Moderna-Museet-6 Elin-Moderna-Museet-12 Elin-Moderna-Museet-11 Elin-Moderna-Museet-13 Elin-Moderna-Museet-15 Elin-Moderna-Museet-16

Stockholm Marathon + a dance show

Somehow I’ve never been to one before, despite the fact that my brother has ran them numerous times. Yesterday though, I did! Rain hung heavy in the air but we found a nook we could sit in, avoiding the drizzle and waiting for my brother to run by, while chewing on sandwiches and working on our dance moves.

In the evening we went to my niece’s dance recital. My favourite part: getting to capture that after-the-show excitement in the form of jumps in the garden next to the recital centre. We had to move away from the road (everything else was ’embarrassing’) but boy was it worth it.

I have so many more photos, but no time to edit them all. Oh well, that’s for another day. Now I’m off to go see a friend!

Mara-Dansuppvisning-1 Mara-Dansuppvisning-2 Mara-Dansuppvisning-6 Mara-Dansuppvisning-12 Mara-Dansuppvisning-14 Mara-Dansuppvisning-13

The forest and the meadow

My parents live in the burbs. But burbs here feel so much different than Sweden. At least this one. It’s so close to nature, to never ending forest and small beaches and cliffs and meadows. It required me staying away for years to fully grasp it’s awesome beauty. I have a longing now. A longing out into nature. Into walking through quiet forest, hearing the birds chirping (so many more than in Australia! It’s like a symphony) and breathing that early summer air with its distinctive smell.

To make sure I stayed awake long enough yesterday I dragged dad out for a walk through a part of the meadow + forest close by. By the time we left the house it was well past 8.30pm, and it was close to an hour later when we got back. The sky was still blue, and then sun set at the end of it, but blue hour is waay longer than an hour up here in summer. Oh how I have missed this light.

In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-4 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-3 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-1 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-11 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-2 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-7 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-9 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-13 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-12 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-15 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-19 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-21 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-20 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-17 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-23 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-24 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-26 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-25 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-28 In-the-meadow-and-forrrest-27