Christmas Day in the burbs

I’m posting this not in order. I have pictures from yesterday’s Christmas eve hangout, but somehow the few photos I shot today went ahead in editing. Oh well. This afternoon we headed east to the suburbs and Eric’s parents who hosted Christmas Day dinner. We were stuffed with delicious Sri Lankan food, petted the big, cuddly dog Khan, went for a walk and then stuffed us even more with dessert. I am so so so stuffed now, but that’s what Christmases should be, right? And with that said, I’m going to switch off the computer and watch a movie. Tomorrow there’s packing and then work and then we’re heading to the Mornington Peninsula for a week – I can’t wait!

Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-1 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-2 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-3 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-4 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-5 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-6 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-7 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-8 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-9 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-11 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-13 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-14 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-15 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-16 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-17 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-18 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-19 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-21 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-22 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-23

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