Coming back + veggies and a breakfast

I’m done with travel pictures now, believe it or not. I managed to shoot so little in Sri Lanka (I blame all the lounging at the pool). If I remember correctly there is a fair amount of video to still go through, but right now I have way too much work to do to even contemplate getting started on that. It will simply have to wait, even though it pains me a little bit.

It’s been a week and a half already since we got back. It feels like more than that. You know that feeling that you get after a while of coming back – it’s like you’ve never even been away? Well I’m having that one right now. Sri Lanka feels like a lifetime ago, and Sweden? Pfft. Don’t get me started. And it’s only been a couple of weeks. It’s crazy, really.


I’ll leave you with a few random snaps from the last week in Melbourne. It started with a bunch of fresh veggies, which was really,¬†really¬†good after three weeks of eating whatever. You know how it’s like. I call it vacation diet. We’re now on a very light detox.


We also pulled up some potatoes from the backyard. After 5 days of +40 degree heat, not all of our greenery were feeling so happy, but our potatoes seemed to be doing just fine. Although that shouldn’t be a surprise, they live under ground after all.


Last but not least a half-assed picture of my weekend breakfast. I can’t remember if it was Saturday or Sunday, but it was such a perfect sleeping-in, staying in bed and reading books kind of a morning. I love those kinds of mornings. I doubt that I will have the possibility to do that this weekend, but I’ll give my damndest to try!



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