Day 21 – 24 / My Advent Calendar 2013

I know, I failed completely in posting my advent calendar all the way to Christmas. I had planned to be all proper and schedule posts, but you know, life happened. Every time I travel I think I can squeeze in loads of stuff to do, but still have time to do some work and blogging. Well, that’s never possible. I should have learnt by now. Anyway. I’ll do the last few days in one long post instead. Here we go.



Political position / Day 21

I wish I were more political. I always do. I don’t know if you remember (or even read) my post back in September when I vowed to become more political. Well it’s clear I failed. There are certain things that have gotten to me this year. Most of all the whole shebang about boat refugees in Australia. It’s such a disgrace. I cannot ever fathom how people can be so uncompassionate. I barely know where to start.

In addition, I’m as far away from being a Tony Abbott fan as I possibly could be. It’s all so frustrating not being able to vote in the country I live in. I can have an opinion, but have no possibility to affect it. I’m not saying I should have that right, it’s just a wee bit frustrating.

Blog crush / Day 22

I went to my RSS reader to get inspiration and got caught up in reading the 50+ posts from the last few days and completely forgot what I was looking for. Uh oh. Anyway. I follow way too many blogs. I don’t want to exclude a single one from my list, but it takes up more time in my day keeping myself up to date than I’d like.

As I have plenty there are several blogs I adore. But there’s one in particular that always stands out. I’m sorry all y’all English speakers out there – it’s in Swedish. But it might be worth to Google Translate this one because it’s just that good.

Nina Åkestam

On a side note; I went to the same high school as Nina, but I was a year ahead. It was a particularly small school so chances are I ran into her quite a bit. But as my memory is absolutely awful, I can barely remember even my classmates. Oh well.


Do this better 2014 than 2013 / Day 23

Take care of myself. July – October this year I was feeling so good. I worked out regularly, I cooked good (and delicious) food and I felt I had some sort of balance. I want to do that again. Not for a short while, I want a lifestyle change. No, I need one.


This is what I think Christmas eve 2014 will look like / Day 24

I expected Christmas Eve (which is when we celebrate) to be fairly laid back and calm. My family isn’t all that excited about the prospect of Christmas. We’re mostly munching on good food that require limited preparations, sipping on a glass of wine and laying a puzzle. We did do the lot of that on Christmas Day, but Christmas Eve was busy, tiring and fairly stressful. Next year I plan to stay somewhere warm on a beach. Ohmy.

This is part of a series of posts leading up to christmas day. See the original list here, and all posts in the category here.

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