A Daylesford Weekend / Friday Night

So last weekend a whole bunch of us (14 at the most) headed a couple of hours out of Melbourne to spend the weekend in a cabin. We cooked, we talked and played games, wandering the town and some of us squeezed in a visit to a spa as well. It was an intense weekend, and I came back feeling more tired than before I left (I blame all the hours spent talking and not sleeping) but it was so worth it.

Over the course of the weekend I managed to snap 972 pictures. Uhm, yeah. I know. I won’t share all of them with you, because you know, I don’t want you to spend a full day looking at pictures. I’ll limit myself + split it up over a few posts, as I’m having too hard a time to pick so few that they’ll fit in one blog post. With that said, here are my pictures from the Friday evening, when me and Angela had made loads of handmade gnocchi baked with kale and cheese, then hanging out in the living room until the wee hours.

Daylesford-1-FridayNight-5 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-Collage-1 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-13 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-14 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-Collage-2 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-16 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-22 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-24 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-31 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-27 Daylesford-1-FridayNight-25

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