Eighties sunsets in Mirissa, killer whales and some snakes

The morning after the late night in Colombo, we were off. Sure, a bit late and very, very tired, but anyway.


We had barely left the house in Colombo until we saw this little fellow. I’m not kidding, he was lounging 10 meters from the house entrance.


After a couple of hours of sleeping in the car we woke up to this view. Not too shabby, eh?


Super pretty fishing boats. Just wanted to stand there and watch ’em forever.



But we were going further. We finally arrived in Mirissa, which was where we were staying that night. We headed up to the room to relax for a bit (yeah, still tired) and when we finally got up and out, the sun was setting. It was a perfect 80’s sunset.


We took our thongs off and walked in the water.


Look! More fishing boats!

1401_SriLanka-Part3-Mirissa-5 1401_SriLanka-Part3-Mirissa-6

Yep, plenty 80’s sunset.


Then we got all hungry and found a cute enough place on the beach and sat down.


Peter was going through the menu in detail.


We ordered some beer and looked at the ocean.


We weren’t the only ones at that place, it was plenty full. We got our food, chewed it all up, downed the beer and headed back to the room for an early, quiet evening watching some tv series. Ah, we so needed that.


The next morning we were up before the sun rose. At 5.45am we got picked up by a tuktuk and at 6.30am we were seated on a boat. Not this one though. A bigger one.


We were heading out to sea to see if we could spot some whales!


Unfortunately we didn’t see any blue whales, but we saw a couple of beautiful orcas just 10 meters away from the boat. Magnificent!


Peter was more excited than he looks.


We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging on the beach, enjoying some beer and the most awful lunch I’ve ever eaten. When the sun started setting, we went back to the room, freshened up to go out again.


This was our last night in Mirissa, so we wanted to go all fancy. Which we did. Walked the beach, had a pre-dinner beer at one place and then headed to the hotel next to ours for dinner. Lucky us – that was one of the highlights of this trip. We sat there underneath a bunch of lamps, slowly swaying in the wind, drinking crisp white wine and eating great tasting food, talking and talking.


The morning after we headed off again. This time the trip was shorter, and we managed to stop on the way. For example, we had a wee stop when we spotted this cotton tree!

Ylwa, should you be reading this – stop now! Don’t look any further. Just go to any other site and don’t ever look at this post again. Bye!


The biggest thing was probably the snake detour though. Here’s Peter with a python.


The python really wanted those sunglasses. I don’t blame him.


Say hi! I also had the python around my neck (even though there is no photo evidence). Surprisingly muscular, this little 2-year old.


And a tree snake. So cute!


Look! Proof!


We weren’t allowed to cuddle with this one. Not that surprised why.


These little critters where even cuter than anything else, but apparently more poisonous than anything else. Uh oh!


Yes, green tree snake. You should have guessed that.

1401_SriLanka-Part4-Snakes-9 And with a python tongue I end this post. Tomorrow I’ll share some more from Galle.


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