Eric’s birthday!

It’s been busy lately. Like intensely busy. I hope it passes soon, but until it does I’m not going to update here that often. Something just has to give, and I’d rather temporarily let one of my blogs rot (just a wee bit) than not getting enough sleep.

Anyway. With that said, I’m going just to share images for a while, when I can, and probably mostly in batches. You’ll live.

This first batch is from Eric’s birthday drinks a few weeks back.

Erics-Birthday-2014-1 Erics-Birthday-2014-2 Erics-Birthday-2014-3 Erics-Birthday-2014-4 Erics-Birthday-2014-5 Erics-Birthday-2014-6 Erics-Birthday-2014-7 Erics-Birthday-2014-8 Erics-Birthday-2014-9 Erics-Birthday-2014-10 Erics-Birthday-2014-11 Erics-Birthday-2014-12 Erics-Birthday-2014-13 Erics-Birthday-2014-14 Erics-Birthday-2014-15 Erics-Birthday-2014-16 Erics-Birthday-2014-17 Erics-Birthday-2014-18 Erics-Birthday-2014-19 Erics-Birthday-2014-20 Erics-Birthday-2014-21 Erics-Birthday-2014-22

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