Ethiopian and some video games

Oh, I just realised I forgot to share these pictures. They’re from a couple of weeks ago, when a bunch of us headed out for dinner and then some drinks at a nearby bar. Right now I’m sitting at home, on the couch coughing and not feeling that well at all, and missing this thing. All I want is to feel better and go back into the world and do things.

Anyway. Ethiopian food is good and friend’s company even better. Without further ado, here are some incredibly dark pictures:

TheHorn-1 TheHorn-2 TheHorn-3 TheHorn-4TheHorn-5 TheHorn-6 TheHorn-7 TheHorn-8 TheHorn-9 TheHorn-10 TheHorn-11 TheHorn-12 TheHorn-13 TheHorn-14 TheHorn-15 TheHorn-16

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