Fantastic Fussball

Last night I ignored the remnants of a cold still stuck in my throat and headed out to meet up some friends. We spent a night playing fussball, drinking beer, eating ethiopian and well, drinking some more beer. I might have woken up with some slight remnants of last night in my head this morning, but it was totally worth it!

140919-fussball-2 140919-fussball-1 140919-fussball-6 140919-fussball-5 140919-fussball-7 140919-fussball-9 140919-fussball-8 140919-fussball-10 140919-fussball-13 140919-fussball-11 140919-fussball-12 140919-fussball-15 140919-fussball-14 140919-fussball-17

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