Five things I like Wednesday

The Color Run
Being a newly found jogger (still not enjoying it, but still at it) running in color might just do the trick. I wish I could add some coloring to my regular runs as well…

Picnic Weather!
There’s been a bit of a heat wave (I know, I’m repeating this way too often, but I simply can’t stop myself!) and I can’t wait for it to be weekend. Cross your fingers that the weather will keep up because then I simply MUST have a picnic. I love picnics.

130904_Picnicspot 130904_Picnicspot2


Dogs sleeping in a line
No explanation required, right?

Source: Pinterest

A Sweary Angry Yet Accurate Comparison of Policy
Election day’s coming up here in Australia. Of course, I’m not allowed to vote, but I am allowed to have an opinion about it. This page kinda sums up where I’m for. Or rather, what I’m against. Btw, I really like the swear words.



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