For the love of furry animals

I love everything furry. If I wasn’t allergic + unclear if I can live in one country for more than 3 years, I’d totally get a dog already. Probably two. And a cat. So when Lani said that she might bring along her hungry Jack Russell Daisy, I kind of bounced up and down with joy. I might have also (very nicely, I’m sure) been slightly threatening should she not bring the dog. I mean, who wouldn’t want every opportunity to hang out with this little cookie monster?




On our beach walk there were plenty of dogs. My motto that day was to create ‘mediocre art’. And I figured the best way to do that was to take pictures of all the dogs that passed. Don’t ask me why. They’re cute, that’s all.






Pigeons are cute too? Maybe not as regal as seagulls, but still, they’ve got some quaint qualities to them.

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